The answer to everything, technology?

There are domains where advancement in technology is undoubtedly a blessing from above, BUT it should not be forgotten that this is not always the case. Whenever technology is used to solve problems related to the material world, it does so successfully. However, when it comes to problems related to the human nature, it has a way to not deliver, often with disastrous consequences.

An example to further elaborate this concept is that of communication. Thanks to the internet, we now have an extensive platform for communication which can be used to develop contacts and links all over the world. But it does not necessarily tend to the quality of communication at human end. Where it provided a lot of benefit, it also gave as much of a chance to poor communicators to spread negative influence. This does not mean that the internet is a bad thing, as technology has certain aspects that go beyond positivity but it most certainly does not have the answer for all problems.

This concept also makes it easier for us to understand what advancements in technology are more likely to bear fruit as compared to their counterparts. This categorization is based on two types of problems. The first one is materialistic problems while the latter can be referred to as human problems.

One might say that there exist examples that counter this concept. A popular example being Facebook. Facebook was designed to connect people all across the globe. Isn’t this a human problem that has been solved by technology quite successfully? At first sight, yes it does, but your opinion starts to differ when you start venturing into details. The aim of Facebook is to connect people but ultimately what it does is provide only a platform for easier communication. It fails to actually create a connection between humans. Instead, it has also resulted in the creation of a number of insecurities. People develop cravings for connections and attention easily which results in unproductive usage of the platform. This isn’t a negative critique of Facebook which is in fact a very beneficial platform in many regards, but is just an analysis of the concept that technology is unable to provide adequate solutions for human problems.

Another aspect of this discussion is the determination of advancement in technology as either good or bad. This gives rise to many mixed feelings, which is totally understandable, given the fact of the complexity and scope of the topic in discussion. But is it really making the world a better place? Or is it developing a modern-slave trend. The answer to this is that technology just cannot be classified as only good or only bad. It’s quite simple really, whenever technology is used to develop solutions for physical or materialistic problems, it is the best, but whenever the problems are human problems, it becomes bad. That being said, our civilization as it is today, cannot exist without all of the technological advancements. All of the systems which improve the overall lifestyle of the people are a result of breakthroughs and developments in technology. Just because it has negative impacts doesn’t mean technology is not essential for our existence.

The final point here would be that while knowing all the good aspects of technology, it is important to realize that it is NOT the solution for everything! Improving ourselves as humans is not something technology can do; rather it is something we should take upon ourselves instead of looking for machines to do it for us.