Have you ever wondered how EASY running an online business with WordPress would be if only you could focus on the most important tasks without ever having to worry about the trivialities? Some tasks remain indisputably way more significant than others, which only you can do of course. And you can only wish that there was someone who could look after your business’s chores rather than you having to spend valuable time on them, that could be used elsewhere more productively.

However, even the smallest chores matter. Hence ignoring them would not be good for your business. WordPress has come up with various maintenance services that spare you from additional headaches regarding your WordPress site. Obviously, these services come with a price of their own. So the question is whether these services are worth the money or not? If yes, what service should you opt for?

Below is a list of some popular services and their details to help answer both of the aforementioned questions for you.

WordPress Site Care

This service was released in 2012. It is one of the most popular monthly services of WordPress. The purpose of this service was to take care of back-end services including maintenance and security. Its performance has been rated excellent for a mere $99/month. WORDPRESS Site Care handles all the backups (using Amazon Cloud), updates and monitoring of security.

It also comes with a highly efficient customer support team which gave them a full score in terms of customer satisfaction. They also launched the Walkie Talkie feature, which rids you from troublesome email threads.

It also comes with a super subscription. In addition to the mentioned features, if you opt for this premium package, you will be getting optimization of speed and SEO, and security and social audit services.

WordPress Curve

This is also one of the most popular services, whose purpose is to provide the services of a highly skilled developmental team to its clients at ALL hours. The number of small tasks the team will tackle is unlimited.

The range of the nature of these tasks is also extensive and includes optimizations, maintenance, security and quick fixes. The submission of these tasks is through email which also comes with a 24/7 live chat service as well.

The two types of packages are Standard and Professional level with a fee of $79 and $99 per month respectively. Standard package gives you unlimited number of small tasks for one site. The professional package comes with proactive core, theme, and plugin updates, offsite backups and a monthly security scan.

WordPress Lift Support

This service is a new one in the world of security services.  Their $49/month Starter plan includes 24/7 uptime monitoring; all core, theme, and plugin updates; daily cloud backups; and monthly reports detailing important information relating to your site. To sweeten the deal, the plan also includes a free domain, one year of hosting, and $300 AdWords credit.

The starter package comes with 24/7 uptime monitoring, all updates, cloud backups and reports that are generated every month. It also has a free domain, hosting for one year and an AdWords credit worth $300.

If you wish to avail developer services similar to those offered by WordPress Curve, you can opt for the Professional package which costs $99/month.

This business has foundation in the UK and currently has relative operation timings. However, measures are being taken for the support of other time zones as well with the weekends having support for handling of urgent tasks.


This was also founded in 2012 and being a part of the reputed WebDevStudios family, is also one of the most reliable WordPress support services.

The associated team is highly able to take care of nay site no matter of what size. They are ideal for to work on ad hoc development, security, and site updates. The feature of hassle-free site migration on your end is also available. They also provide you with a dedicated developer as part of the developer loyalty plan.

Their subscriptions start at $49/month, which is the premium subscription. Additional developer hours can also be provided if required. There is also an upgraded plan available, which is the premium+ package and comes with perks like aid with migrations, access to video tutorials, an hour of support for development and priority response.

The WordPress Butler

What’s so different about this service you might ask? The differentiating factor for this service is that it is a customized subscription in which you get to choose and pay for only the services you need instead of a set of services that is without options of addition or removal.

The list of services includes monitoring, updates, scans and backups. You can even opt for regular checkups of your site at intervals of your own liking. Moreover you can also make sure of an additional development plan which will be paid for at an hourly rate.

If you have a hard time choosing services or making up your own plan, you can opt for one of the four recommended plans which are Blogger, Small Business, Business, and Enterprise. The price range starts from a mere $30 which is a bargain for you.


WordPress Valet

This team is one of THE most experienced teams in terms of industrial experience, which is why it is probably one of the best to handle your on-site security, monitoring, updates, and backups oriented tasks.

Not only that, but they also come with professional business advice, which means that you can also get business recommendations by experts as part of your subscription package. They provide guidance related to theme/plugin selection, development, and the SEO domain.

They don’t have a straightforward pricing system, which is due to the fact that they are some of the priciest options.  The price range starts from $250 which is the personal subscription and goes up to $1750 per month which is the business subscription. However, it must be kept in mind that these prices come with exclusive potential for your business’s growth and are not just hefty useless sums.

WordPress Maintainer

It is a unique service as it follows a one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to pricing. The price for this subscription is $99 per month.

The services include website migration (free of cost), a widespread security audit, handling of all updates, systematic off-site backups, compatibility handling for an hour every month and Securi malware scanning and cleanup.

Additional developer support can also be received in this subscription and that too at significantly lesser rates.

Although all of these subscriptions vary in terms of pricing and offered services, it would do you great good to take time out and determine which one is most feasible for your business. These services offer a peace of mind from tedious, dreaded but important tasks so that you can invest your time in other high priority task accomplishments.