The Smartphone users are instantly downloading mobile apps at higher rates, but most of them will be dropped after using them just once.

According to localytics, there were approximately a quarter of apps which were dumped. The amount increased from 2014 and it was said that 20 percent apps were dropped in this way. In the same time the apps which are opened at least 11 times experienced 34 % decrease from 39 % last year.

This drop is experienced more by the game players however, obviously hit can be among the stickiest items on the home screen of the users.

In the U.S, the Smartphone users are more devoted as compared to the users in other countries. In U.S the more-opened apps percentage raised one percent to 42 Percent. The aspect could credit to a considerable level of marketing for making the customers reopen the installed app. The apps that were opened only once were 19 percent in the U.S which is same as the previous year.

The rate of abandonment is higher in the other countries especially in China where 37 percent apps were opened a single time which is a significant increase as compared to the previous tear when the rate was just 26 percent.

Localytics explained many reasons for it including the better networks that permit more downloads of apps as well as the messaging platform WeChat impact.

According to Localytics, the brands that select WeChat instead of creating their own apps and WeChat is expanding its services to the commerce, the requirements of the use of other apps is reducing.