We are quite sure to find a crystal ball app somewhere in the app store, but the predictions made by it are not necessarily be solid. Looking at surveys, statistics and the information given by industry experts and they also give predictions for the future of the mobile apps.

Everyone loves apps and apps will stay here. As long as there are Smartphones, there will be apps too. And smartphones won’t go anywhere because they are amazing inventions. They have unlimited functions to perform. Some are designed for playing games, some are banking specific and for making payments. There are apps for social media, learning, mapping, cooking and so on. They have become a necessary item for our Smartphones and these are the apps which make smartphone actually smart. Without apps, the smartphone would be only an ordinary phone.

Given by AppBrain, Apps will stay in the market and currently almost 1,486,367 Android apps are present in the market.

And according to statista.com, about 1.2 million apps are available at the Apple App Store, 300,000 in the Windows Phone Store, 240,000 in the Amazon Appstore, and 130,000 in the Blackberry world.

Summing them together, we can say that the totals of 3.3 million apps are available in the market all across the world.

Therefore, we can say that the app market is quite strong and is predicted to grow in the future.

Future Expectations
It is really interesting fact. The apps have some limitations. The internet is unlimited and as stated before, there are almost 3.3 million apps available which are about 3 times as the websites are. By heading over to internetlivestats.com, you can come to know that the number is constantly growing. Currently 932,669,121 websites are available online.

(In September 2014, there were 1 billion websites in the world but then the number was decreased due to the inactive websites but this year, the number is expected to increase by 1 billion and would become stable in 2016)

Apps are not going to challenge the web in an insignificant way the websites do. Web apps will go beyond the native apps in the case of usage and fame. These 1 billion websites are exclusive and easily opened through the web browsers, according to the research by Nielsen, on a daily basis 84 percent of the users make use of less than 10 apps and go to the web for doing the others.

Internet is necessary for most of the mobile apps in order to remain updated. We can make their future prediction on this basis that the data of the apps will be saved locally.

A considerable amount of apps need to check in with the cloud regularly for obtaining the information. But with the arrival of Smartphone that have strong storage capacities, it is expected that a huge amount of data along with the apps will exist in the phone and the need for connecting to the cloud will decrease.

Apps are expected to become very influential like Smartphones and their functionality will also increase.

Predictions for The Mobile Apps’ Future

Wearable Apps of Technology
The segment of wearable technology is just setting off after the release of the Apple Watch. This revolution of wearable technology, especially those that are used for improving the health and fitness has been approaching. You can find a huge number of sports fans demanding the wearables for years. The fitness fans have been benefitting themselves from this technology by using fitness and sleep trackers, Smartwatches, wearable cameras etc.

One thing is common in all these wearable devices and that is they have to be synced with any smart device’s app in order to work. The market for wearables is present in the sports world due to the release of the Apple Watch.

Apple, no doubt, is a very leading and dominating mainstream consumer brand having certainly a major market influence. And in the coming time, we will see the fans of Apple using the latest technology wrapped around their wrists. It would become a fashion statement, a symbol of status and a mechanism to drive the technology revolution in proper terms. This would not be because of the fans of Apple but also because of the ones who hate it as they would contribute to make smartwatch protest purchases developed by the rivals of the Apple.

In this way the future pathway for more wearable technology apps is summarized.

Beacons or iBeacons
For more than a year, Beacons or iBeacons were introduced but they are not yet accepted by the mainstream. It will be changed soon. The smart technology will be rising and IoT (Internet of Things) will keep on spreading its branches I different objects and then beacons will help in setting a direct link between customer and the retailers or may be the smartphoes of the consumers.

Beacons are a very effective device for the marketers. The use of the apps to send the push notifications while browsing stores for offering extra contextual importance to their end user journey is simply more than just incredible. Moreover, the data will be invaluable to the marketers which these apps will collect.

Beacons can be used in more innovative ways for providing the users updated information.

As the mobile browsing has increased at a huge rate along with the use of business apps, the mobile payment security is also progressing and winning the trust of users. More apps are expected to come and will be having the ability to scan barcodes or other types of codes readable by machines for providing improved and updated information to the consumers regarding the products with the help of smartphones. It is said that some of them will be using augmented reality but this technology seems out to be started to use in coming 5 or even 10 years. Apple Pay and Starbuck app etc. help in loading the cash onto the users’ account is expected to be the new metric to compare the achievements of brands in the coming years and the apps will enable this change.

More Personalized
Most of the companies that employ in the main app marketing strategies are the push notifications which are more personalized and appeal the customers. These have proved to be very effective. An infographic by Localytics reveals that targeted push notifications are very helpful in doubling the open rates of the apps and tripling the conversion rates of the apps.

Customized messaging will be more in use for personalizing the communications with the users depending on their location, demographic data, and history of browsing and purchasing.

With more than 1.39 billion users, we can’t say that Facebook has experienced that success or prosperity yet. An increasing number of people are making efforts to recover their distinction that they missed while spreading all news of their activities on social media to the world. These are the “dark-social” environment and those apps supporting them will be more popular with the passing time. In the coming time, people will be more revaluing their anonymity.