Before knowing the future of web design, it is important to know the past and present trends of web design. In the beginning the websites were only text documents with some images. The designs were also handmade but with time, special standards were started along with new ideas and philosophies.

Now blogs, forums, social networking sites, web apps and multimedia hosting are more commonly used as compared to static web pages. It has therefore produced some negative effects on the scope of web design.

Now the web design is dead for many reasons and the designers are moving on to the next challenges like ecosystems and products for the purpose of staying relevant.

It is said that the future of web design is dead and the designers have to take some important steps in this regard. Some important reasons for the dying future of the web design are given as follows:

The Use of Templates
The existing industry has changed with the introduction of new standards and medium. Now web designing is not only the simple designing of the static web pages with some simple heading and some text along with a few images. In the past few years, the traditional way of web designing has dramatically changed.

Now frameworks are commonly used. And almost the content that is published on the web also uses some frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, etc. These frameworks no doubt are shortcuts and give you the shortcuts in designing the website. Web designing takes more time but when you use these frameworks, you can do the work quickly and less time is consumed.

There are many free and paid templates which can help you start with a professional web design that will be available in some minutes. Now the need of hiring web designers has also become limited. Many web designers also use these readymade templates and make only minor changes and customizations.

Therefore, the high quality and professional templates has minimized the requirement of web design skills.

The Maturity of the Patterns
Now the web design patterns have become mature. There has been an innovation in the web patterns. The mature patterns will give a reasonable stability to the regular use of the web. The users also take this maturity as a good sign.

Automated Web Design Services
Now the automated web design services are being used very popularly. These are used for making basic websites and you can also make decisions on the basis of artificial intelligence. The content is then detected automatically and gives you better options of colors, layouts, fonts etc.

The options are definitely professional and are better than the choice of ordinary web designer. We can say that it is hardly possible that you go wrong with them.

As there are several automated web design services, therefore the competition among them is also fierce. Every service designed tries its best to deliver the best design even quickly and without the involvement of humans.

Facebook Pages Are Leading Now
In these days making Facebook pages as a homepage of the business is very common. Making a page on Facebook is free and is considered the best tool for marketing a business. You can make a better profile of your business and make you visible on the internet. Before that, the businesses purchased costly business plans and hired web masters for remaining on the internet. Then they started using Blogger and WordPress for doing the work more quickly and even free.

Now Apps Are Prevalent
A big number of people use mobiles now for surfing and browsing. And many users type the address when there is no app otherwise in the presence of the apps, no one types the address of a website therefore most of the websites make apps and subscriptions which include likes, follows, etc. Now apps are more popular are many people say that now typing an address is weird. Apps are just like responsive web designs that fit on any mobile device. Now people depend more on apps as compared to browsers because people are living in the smart phones and don’t feel comfortable in typing the address of the website in the browser.

The Most Important Is Relevant Content
When we search for something through the mobile device, the most relevant content is displayed and you avoid the pop ups etc. The unnecessary data is not displayed. Therefore, people prefer using mobile web.

Even searching anything through the mobile device will make available the button of call and you need not to visit the website. The users find it very convenient and they enjoy their experience. With the help of new technology being used in Android, the users can now get the most relevant information that you really need. It is the reason people are now moving from web pages to the web services and we can say that the extensive use of web services in place of web pages is the reason why web design is dying now. By considering these facts, we can predict the future of the web design.

Nobody wants to visit more and more web pages. Everyone wants shortcut to his required information. With the introduction of apps, the use of web pages has become very limited.

It does not mean at all that web pages will finish in near future. They will remain here because they are still useful.

The Boom of UX Design
There is good news for the designers that the demand of UX designers is now increasing and the trend of redesigning the digital products is also increasing.

This move from web design to UX design is just because the use of the web pages has become less as compared to digital products etc.

UX designers are now on boom and screens are also becoming prevalent now because they are the best means of interacting with the content. Therefore, the designers who want to survive must know how to manage content.