It is quite challenging to keep up with social media networks. You can’t even give proper time to any one if involved with many at a time.

If you are involved in many social media networks, then maintaining a good following on each network is really very difficult. Every time you engage in a social network and want to increase the number of your followers. But it is not good if you only concentrate on adding the length of your following and don’t care about the names and real profiles of the followers. You can only get benefits out of the healthy following if the followers are real with actual profiles and genuine accounts. The followers with fake accounts and profiles will not be effective for you.

To organize the real following, you definitely need some good and effective tools that really work. There are a number of such tools available that can help you to gain a good number of social media followers. The following are the 10 best such tools that are different in price and are for specific networks. Read their specifications to get to know which tool you require to fulfill social media management needs.

1) Crowdfire 

Cost: Free

Valid network(s): Twitter & Instagram

For managing followers on twitter, Crowdfire is an easy way for Twitter users.

No one wantsthat someone follows you and then after some time unfollow you for improving the following ratio of the followers

Crowdfire created a tool that helps in identifying only relevant users to follow you like people in your industry or those who are your competitors. So for building a meaningful audience this tool is very much useful. Let’s take a look what this tool can do:

  • Itdiscovers the unfollowers and inactive users.
  • Making use of the”Copy Followers” feature to follow the relevant users
  • Checking and making the record of stats that the social media updates influence
  • Making use of comparison tools for comparing the two accounts’ performance.


Starting price is $9.99/month

Applicable network(s): Twitter

The basis of this tool is that all Twitter followers are not the same. It is very important to discover the real and genuine followers. The real followers are those who are actually interested in you and your brand and want to connect with you. This tool is very helpful for filtering the noise on twitter easily. In this way the interactions that are important are put on priority. The most important features of some of the tools are as follows

  • Categorize the tasks which come on priority
  • Discover “high value” followers
  • Automatingthe approaches from analytics into campaigns

3) FollowerWonk 

Cost:  personal use is free, $99/month for Pro

Applicable network(s): Twitter

In the twitter bios, there is some important information about people. This information is used for learning more about them.The brief overview to a person’s Twitter feed is helpful in discovering the reason of their Twitter existence into 160 characters. These bios are also search engine optimized. With the help of FollowerWonk you can make use of those optimized bios and search those people who need to be found. You can also

  • Finding the relevant Twitter users through bios
  • Categorize the followers make comparison between individual followers
  • Going with actions to losses and gains

4) SimplyMeasured

Cost: starting Price is $500/month

Applicable Network(s): All

This efficient tool is designer for the social media and brand marketers. The tool is very helpful for all type of businesses for having an advance approach in the social media networks from the other major social media websites like Facebook etc. Such approaches are helpful in building the strategies, policies and programs for drawing the right audience. The valuable and important features of some of the tools are as follows

  • Analysis of the audience across all platforms
  • Twitter customer service metrics measurement
  • Traffic measurement of social media and websites from Google
  • Unlimited storage of data without extra charges
  • Accessing data through excel.
  • Adaptable report themes

5) Social Quant 

Cost: For single user account: $50/month

Applicable Network(S): Twitter

The popularity of this tool is the efficient auto-follow algorithms. This tool helps in finding only the best and related people to follow. Furthermore the tool also

  • Checks the real followers on twitter
  • Filters your audience by synthesizing the data of your followers automatically
  • Finds the users who want to be connected with your content

6) Iconosquare 

Cost:starting price is $4.90/month

Applicable network(s): Instagram

Recently instagram has started to add some features for the businesses. The users of instagram are provided with the following metrics for free. The users are able to check the growth of their followers and also the rate of unfollowing. They can also check the number of their reciprocal followers. The tool helps the users in

  • Checking hashtag performance
  • Tracking the best posting time
  • Setting up a plug-into post Instagram to your FB page
  • Setting up a vanity URL for your content on Instagram

6 Tweepi 

Cost: $7.49/month

Applicable network(s): Twitter

Refining your base is a common practice now to get rid of the unfollowers. It is quite easy for the twitter tools in these days but some accounts follow you back again after you unfollow them. Although these types of followers will help you in increasing the number of your followers but these followers are not active and don’t engage with you so they don’t help in your ROI.

Tweepi is a tool that helps you in checkingsuch inactive accounts andthen ultimately flushing them out. If you want to get rid of someone from your audience who is offensive then you can force him to unfollow you with Tweepi. Some important features of the tool includes

  • Removing inactive accounts
  • Removing undesirable followers
  • Finding the users with geolocation capabilities

7) Social Inbox

Cost: Included in all plans of HubSpot with starting price of $200/month

Applicable network(s): Facebook,Google+Twitter and Linkedin

Social media is the best marketing tool and helps different businesses to interact and make relationships with those who are interested in you. The users can manage their daily engagements and interactions with tools offered by HubSpot’s Social Inbox App.

Some important features of this tool enable you in

  • Getting an instant new followers hit list and the resonating content
  • Publishing and scheduling the posts updated by the interaction and click data for keeping the following engaged.
  • Connecting back to contacts in the database of your HubSpot

8) ManageFlitter 

Cost: Free, for business accounts the starting price is $12/month

Applicable network(s): Twitter

It is very difficult on Twitter to find out the people who are online and engaged with your content. ManageFlitter consists of a tool for guessing completely if your followers are online or not. With the help of this tool you can

  • Create the followers’ smart lists
  • Discover Twitter bios
  • Check when your followers are usually online

9) Likeable Hub 

Cost: Free, and after free trial the premium plans has the starting price of $19.99/month

Applicable network(s): Twitter, Facebook& LinkedIn

It’s really hard to manage the social media because it is very time consuming. Good content always matters no matter the tricks you use. Likeable Hub helps in offering good content to businesses and then effectively promotes it. Your business can attract a high quality following with the industry specific and customizable content. The content is valuable because real people curates it and is not auto-generated.

The tool is very helpful because you can

  • Make use of Turbopost™ post amplification to build audience
  • Know the interests of our audience b tracking different topics on twitter
  • Check the page growth
  • Discover the best content with the content library