According to different reports, Google + is not alive. But in real it is not like that. But it’s true that Google is now making attempts and also un-coupling many its products from the Google +. These products were working on the platform for the purpose to align better with the users of Google +. We have come to know from the official blog of Google that it has unveiled the new Google Plus and its new version in which more focus was given on the working elements.

The changed is given below:

An Initiation..?
As mentioned above we can see that there is a less Google + emphasis on it. It is a social platform and it challenges its present providers and its potentials in communities and some of its distinguishing features. In this way a lot of social commentators are expecting Google + to dismantle for playing out. The Google is now going and is at the point where G+ was once and the communities are considered to be a huge force especially in terms of technical and niche communities. This is because such communities have a reliable, and powerful networks through the groups of Google +.

But the collection growth can be said to be a bit surprising especially for those who were unaware. This functionality is similar to Pinterest as it helps the users in creating the groups of the posts on any specific topic. Such group of posts can be shared with some specific people or with the public. Then when earlier in the year, the collection was announced; the Google noted that the offering was developed on the basis of the behavior of the people on the site. The users used to connect with each other and shared interests with each other and were in search of any way of arranging content around them.

The importance of these essential elements is completely logical. The platform that is to be re-developed must also confirm those who have spent a considerable time and worked hard for their G+ communities.

Transformative Design
The transformative design has emphasized Communities and Collections front and center on mobile- there was a complete transformation of the iOS app but the Android app focus was switched up.

Here you can see that the posts from friends are showed as normal on the home screen. Here there is any alteration in the algorithm of the Google for emphasizing the stuffs that the system expects to be interesting for you. All this depends on your behaviors on the platforms in the past.

You will find the communities tab considerably different as it offers a variety of interests that are made according to your choice. On mobile, the communities seem to be interesting with the transformative design and user-friendly options.

The new design seems to be more straight forward and easy to interact. It is also made to make the user process even simpler. It also simplifies the discovery.

The Future Of Google+
Everyone is considering the new design of Google + as very interesting and it seems to be too and it also satisfies its fans but this platform is not started for scrap heap. It also does not enhance the audience of Google + in any particular interest. May be it was not done intentionally but the design was made and implemented by keeping the regular users in consideration. The regular users were also aimed to be kept on-side an increasing the engagement and interactions through in process communities. This kind of strategy is deemed to be effective for the Google for taking and modifying designs for providing the advocates for the purpose of encouraging the growth and increasing the interactions over the long-haul. It is contrary to creating the social network competitors for taking on the Zuckerberg and Co’s strength as well as their increasing behemoth.

Here it is quite obvious that the idea that Google + is proving to be a major competent in the social network world and is quite lifeless and has also diminished now.

Now it has been acknowledged that this strategy if it was considered as to be under the plan looked imperfect even from the start.

Google might have thought it to be very simplistic and the user needs were also very basic rather than being in competitive position instead of scaling back. With time, there is a possibility that Google + will follow this procedure and make a strong community. In this way+ they could see the growth of their platform as a huge community engagement provider as well as the discussion provider.

But now such growth does not seem to be focused but it could be focus in the longer run.