The trends don’t last longer in the dynamic web field. New techniques, designs and concepts come so creative minds have to work harder in order to remain innovative and updated. Each year a lot of changes are introduced. Now everyone is conscious about what will be introduced in 2016-2017 in the world of web design. Every web designer knows how important it is to remain updated with the latest industry trends and to know which trends will come and which will go.

Read below to know the web design trends in the year 2016-2017.

2016-2017 Design Theme: Differentiation

The following ideas are considered to be the trend of 2016 and 2017.

Story Telling
Visual story telling is expected to be the future trend. It is a complex effort but not actually impossible. Peugeot’s Hybrid Graphic novel is the graphics that entertains the users and give the idea of the Peugeot’s HYbrid4 technology. The site will inspire you for its web storytelling and you will enjoy the learning.

Semi-flat Design
After window’s metro style, flat design became very influential. But due to some pitfalls, it changed into semi flat design.

Custom-Made Illustrations
Stock icons and illustrations have changed the minds of the designers and they can save money. The websites that have custom made illustrations are very visually attractive and they make a unique website experience. It is predicted that the websites will implement more custom made features and illustrations for distinguishing themselves from cookie cutter websites.

Unique Grid Use
There are several examples of creative grid design but Curious Space’s website is the best example. The images load on each other is the most surprising thing but it is not a problem because when a user rolls over an image, it shifts its z index and the photo is brought to the top. The logo is also in a haphazard arrangement when you first enter the site but it then aligns as soon as scrolls down.

The influential visuals are known as cinemagraphs. It improves the websites, and adds to its elegance, marvel and charisma. They are even better than videos as they consume less bandwidth. They are also better than images because images are the simple still shots and cinemagraphs are something more than that. This technology is expected to be integrated into the coming websites as they are recently hot.

Widespread Parallax Adoption
The effect that is applied to the background imagery speed and motion is known as parallax. Just try Peugeot’s hybrid graphic novel if you want to see parallax in action.

Lazy Loading
You can view the content even if the page is not entirely loaded. His technique is used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram type websites. This technology also simplifies viewing and the load speed is also very important for SEO and conversion rates of the websites.

Centered/Split Content
This style will be common on homepages as they contain less substance. Centered content gives a striking visual effect. The pages with more substance will have split content.