Some concepts and device trends are given below that are expected to gain some traction in 2016.

Dynamic Serving – Exceeding Responsive

From the last few years responsive websites were famous. The mobile friendly term has been commonly in use now. On the other hand there are also some other alternatives that businesses don’t know.

People who made their websites in responsive technology are now thinking to refresh their websites again because their websites are now several years old. The websites like Amazon, eBay, Google etc which are run by the web technology leaders, don’t scale but the websites are shown differently depending on the kind of device that you use. This is called the dynamic serving. Dynamic serving technique is a very technical technique but is the most important solution for the highly functional Web Development as compared to responsive design.

As the latest technology also filters down so smaller businesses will invest in the websites that will be seen different in each device instead of just re-arranging the elements.

Parallax / Infinite Scrolling

This trend is predicted to continue in 2016. It is meant to pursue repetitive content but it is not confirmed whether it is a better option for the websites where quick accessing of the information is required especially on the non mobile devices.

AdBlock Detections

The owners of the websites are failing to earn money due to the ad blocking. Now millions of users are using adblockers which is affecting not only huge websites but also the smaller ones which depend majorly on the ads for generating revenues. So it is expected that in 2016 the websites allowing ads will be able to do everything and adblocking detection alerts will be very common. New techniques are expected to arise for overcoming this blocking of ads.

Screen Resolution Will Be Smaller And Larger At The Same Time

Those who are working on 30” monitor will experience improvement as compared to working on a 24” screen. The prices of the screen are dropping down and the users, both home and work are enjoying working on ever larger screen since it is now challenging to buy the screens that are smaller than 24’ HD.

Quad HD (2560×1440) monitors have become common and their price is less than £200, and the monitors that are large 4K (4096 x 2160!) cost £400 now. This is due to the explosion of 4K TV.  The desktop computer monitors are expected to get bigger.

The resolution of the new iPad pro will be more than a 15 inch retina iPad. Consumers will also enjoy an iOS experience but the Apple watch with 312 x 390 is on the other hand.

So the exciting features of the device trends for the year 2016 is that screen resolution of the audience will be both larger and smaller at the same time.

A “mobile first” approach will be the common trap of the businesses which will then result into a site that will appear well on mobiles and the mini tablets but the user experience will be poor on HD viewports.