The decade of 2010 is known as the decade of mobile app revolution. This is because of the increased popularity of Android apps and iOs. In 2015 around 1000 apps were submitted at Apple App on daily basis. And in 21016, around 2.15 billion users would be using smartphones across the world and this is enough to explain that mobile app development would be prevailing in this year.

Read below to know some interesting trends for mobile app for the year 2016.

Security First
At the end of the year 2014, according to Gartner report, out of 4 mobile apps, 3 would not pass the basic security test. The biggest challenge for the developers is the security and this problem will also be experienced in 2016. Apple took a serious step in this regard when it released iOS9 and the security was given a special priority. The latest update of Google, Android M would be beefing up its security protocols.

Apps for Apple Watch
We can say that Google glass has failed but the Apple Watch is the latest gadget that is spreading excitement among the wearable tech space. At Hey Siri’ event a new version of the watch was launched. Watch OS2 has contributed to increase the challenge for the developers. The figure 10000 was registered for the month of October for apple Watch and the figure will also treble till 2016.

Free Apps Would Be Dominating
Gartner report explains that according to the current situation, 75% of the total apps are totally free to download and by the second quarter of 2016 it is expected that the figure would increase up to 93%. And by the last quarter of 2016, the number of mobile applications including iOS and Android would sum up to 310 billion. Additionally, it is also expected that as compared to native apps, hybrid apps would be dominating.

Cloud Based Applications
Mobile application development experts say that cloud-based apps would be the center of attraction. The most important reason for this is that the developers would be able to keep the size of the apps small that will reduce the bandwidth issues. The other reason is that the users would be able to sync the applications across different type of devices that would benefit the users.

UX, UX and UX
Here we will discuss about the user experience. As we see that the size of the screens of the smartphones and the tablets are increasing and smart gadgets like Apple Watch are also on the flip side. For providing the exclusive user experience the developers have to make effort in data crunching via mobile analytics. There would be great importance of cross-platform app development and the developers having these skills would be highly in demand.

Speedy App Development
The rapid delivery of apps has become the key to success and developers would also work hard for speedy app development. And the technology ‘just-in-time’ (JIT) would be popular. This will make the clients happy.