If you want to launch a website and before launching site everyone thinks that SEO is not possible. There are many steps before launching a site smoothly.

Without having a live site no one can think about doing SEO of his site. In fact it’s possible to do SEO of any site without launching it.

There are seven ways by which anyone can do SEO of his site without launching.

Make a “Coming Soon” Page and Optimize the Basics

For your new website a strong optimized “coming soon” page is required as it is very important because when you launch your site with a coming soon page, it gives some time to the robots to examine your site. Robots only look for keywords and content. This page will also give you a lead and you will be able to build your brand. The users can also connect to your site even if it is not completed.

Create all Your Social Media Profiles

Building social media community before launching your site is a good start for any site. By doing this you can attract good audience on your site who can invest in your business after launch. Moreover, you can build audience trust on your brand before launching.

Make (at least) 10 blog Posts Ready

A good well organized content can be useful for your site. It can bring good traffic on your site so always have good quality content for your site.

Create all Your Pages and Optimize them

For your site before it is launched, create all the pages and all should be well optimized with high quality content. Don’t forget to use keywords on each page that are imperative in optimizing pages. Google search engine gives a good initial ranking if your all pages are optimized.

Guest Blog for Building Links to Your Domain

Guest blogging is the powerful and proper way to generate traffic for your site. It’s the best way to promote your site. Always check for guest blogging by checking different sites.

Put your Site in Key, Niche Directories

A very important thing to do before site launch is that you should have a directory with lists sites that are helping in the promotion of your site. A directory should be well-known and helping in your business otherwise it’s worthless for you. Don’t pay for any directory before knowing that it’s good for your business or not.

Core Sites Sign Up

Google +, Bing places, best of the Web, Yelp are the core sites. You should sign up there and a service known as “KnowEm” can help you in this regard.

The Checklist

  • Make a good checklist that includes
  • A coming soon page
  • A media kit
  • At least10 blog posts or just initiate blogging one to five times in a week before launch.
  • Optimizing all the pages
  • Guest blog
  • Niche directories sign up
  • Core websites sign up.
  • Press releases regarding product / company updates, benchmarks etc.
  • Make relevant YouTube videos.
  • Send products for reviewing to bloggers before launch.

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