With the passage of time the scope of application development has played a great role in the success of the Android market. According to research it shows that the Android dominated the share market by a good 73.5 % shares in the fiscal year of 2012-13. IDC showed the changes and its increase in the market by a good almost 6%. Most smart phone applications are found at the Google Play store and it is good news to all its users.

Android and the Business Environment:

The best thing about the Android apps is that it is available for free of cost. Most people combine their efforts by developing the different things that include the selling of them at a nominal cost. With the passage of time and the development of the different things by the businessmen it is important that the android developers and marketers know what they are managing. It is helpful in making out things for a better and a more strategic way of advertising so that the results for a better result by the users are seen.

Why Use The Android Development Environment?

Every business wants to succeed and earn good profit. It is also important for them to manage things in such a way that the users’ attention is diverted towards it. Most businessmen know the importance of these applications and they are working hard on their usage. There are several other mobile development firms that include Blackberry, Symbian and the iPhone but stated here are a few reasons why you should opt for the Google and Android based applications:

  1. The largest Play store market is hosted by Android which is the Google Play Store. Most people handle out things for a better and a wider range of applications. The Android applications are more used than any other application managers’ products.
  2. The applications developed by Android are easier to use and their functionality is tested before put to public use. This has made is easier for the users as the applications are flawless.
  3. Google is putting a lot of effort for Android users as it is helping things get better by updating things in a better way.
  4. All the above stated reasons has made Android the most in demand application usage. The designers get full support from the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). There are several ways to make things better by taking guidance from the libraries for the inventors support. Cross platform downloading has also been made possible by Android for Blackberry and iPhone users.


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