With the arrival of New Year, there are many new opportunities for the professionals like web designers. They also have the challenge to use the latest visual trends and the tactics of user experience. A web design is something more than look good. The most important part of conversion process is the UX. ArhamSoft(Pvt)Ltd the Best Web design and development firm is here describing the emerging trends that will give a positive impression over clients and will boost conversions.

There are some tools that can help in getting more leads, or improve sales in the New Year. We are giving some strategies through which you can get more new customers from your own website.

Age Responsive Design :
It is a powerful tactic when you want to reach any generation because all generations respond best to the images. If the landing page strategy is employed, instead of devoting your entire website to any demographic group you can use the generation specific images.

Skeleton Screens :
Speed is desired by everyone and it is the speed that retains a web visitor. Skeleton screens are the best options because the impatient users will feel the page is coming up with fast speed. The user experience generally depends on the loading speed of the websites. Subtleties have strong influence over the people so with the loading of skeleton screens; the people can predict the content.

Engagement Bots :
The use of chatbots has expanded and can be included in any website. It can help in automating response to customer queries and the sales process goes on for 24 hours a day. It is also like responsive FAQ section. And if your bot is available round the clock, customers will get their answers and it will result in more conversions.

Shopping cart Marketing :
The online retailers use it for promoting the similar products. It can result in the increase in the ecommerce profits by 10- to 30 percent. During direct sale, you can offer several products that are related or even unrelated but you think may appeal the customers.

Animated Call-to-Action Buttons :
These buttons are essential for making conversions. Good designers give importance to shape, size and placement on the page. Adding subtle animation to the call-to-action buttons is now a trend. It draws the attention of the customers. The animation should be tasteful and must be kept with the look of the website.

Cinemagraph Hero Images :
They are very attractive. And it is very useful in capturing the busy website visitors to take notice. It is the best because you can use it on social media too. Hence you can say that it is beneficial for budgeted marketing. According to a report, it is declared that the Facebook ads in which cinema graphs are used have higher click rate as compared to the static ads.

Explainer Videos :
They are the hallmark of all web startups. Using real people giving comments about your products or services can give social proof. Hence it can result in moving the visitors to conversions.