Website speed is very important thing that may harm your website by pulling your from the competition. Due to the rigid competition on the web, billions of domain names are booked so the speed of the websites is very important thing. You should consider the time of the users; attention before you avoid the speed performance of your website. It may harm your websites dreadfully and the ranking may also be affected.

It would be more harmful if your portal does not load and the bounce back of the users to the other websites also increases.  The bounce rate of your website will give bad effects on Google and you will be punished because of the unprofessionalism and bad marketing ethics. Some bloggers and even eCommerce portals don’t worry about the speed performance of their website because they think the people will go nowhere if you have traffic. But it’s untrue and unethical because a real blogger and website try to improve the user experience because the customer value is more than anything else. ArhamSoft(Pvt)Ltd leading web design, development and marketing firm gives the importance of web speed.

Let’s Consider the Importance of Website Speed
It is very important that you make clear the thought of great traffic. Not only traffic is important but the user experience and the better ranking in Google search engine is important too. Working on it would be very beneficial because about 47% people want the website to load within 2 seconds and about 40% people just close the website if it does not load within 3 seconds.  So avoiding the speed issue due to high traffic is not the right thing. Sometimes less traffic is due to the slow speed because you put content on your website which results in its slow speed. When it happens, you may lose the existing traffic too.

Google tries to improve the web for users. There are nearly 4 billion daily searches on the Google so if you avoid the speed of the website, your rivals may succeed in producing better results and they will also enjoy healthy ROI.

Measuring the Speed
You can use different tools to calculate the current speed of the website like Pingdom and Google Pagespeed Insights. You can use different tools to check if the results are same with all of them. The speed of the website is very important and after you get good speed, you can work on other main areas for search engine relevancy.

You can’t find any universal metric for the speed of the site. The tools that you use have particular parameters for improved performance and functioning.

Where To Start Working On A Website
Everyone wants to improve the website speed but not everyone knows about the key areas and the steps that they can take to enhance the speed.

Optimizing Images
HD images can slow down the speed so you need to optimize them. EWWW Image Optimizer can be used for optimizing the images easily.

Choosing Theme
You should check the theme demos to see the appearance of the website. You must see if it suits with the website or not.