If you have the plan to make an ecommerce app next year then read this article, by ArhamSoft(Pvt)Ltd to see the top ecommerce mobile app trends for the year 2017.

According to research, the online sales are increasing at a tremendous rate and a lot of customers like to buy things by using their smartphones. Online sales are increasing due to the increase in the use of smartphones. The need of mobile apps development is also increasing.There are new e-commerce mobile app ideas which are quite innovative and are expected to greatly affect the customers in differentiating and identifying a specific brand.

We are here discussing the trends that the year 2017 will hold for ecommerce.

Virtual/Augmented Reality Shopping Experience :
Virtual/augmented reality was only seen in gaming world so far but now the customers get the improved shopping experience as the virtual/augmented reality is going to be introduced in the ecommerce and due to this the customers will have the best shopping experience in the digital world.

Zegna inStore is the best example of the virtual reality store. Customers can stay at home and choose the best products. They can see the products in details because they are presented in an improved manner. The customers can enjoy real-life experiences. Virtual reality is growing at the fastest speed with brands like Sony, Google, and Samsung are striving for trades in the industry.

The customers can benefit from the integration of virtual/augmented reality service with ecommerce mobile app and enjoy faster access while browsing products, improved product display, efficient customer engagement.

Chat While You Shop :
Choosing color is sometimes difficult for the customers because they have multiple favorite colors. Deciding between more than one colors is usually difficult. To overcome this problem, a new functionality will be introduced in the e-commerce apps through which the customers will be able to discuss their choice with others before they make the payment. This is a very helpful feature that can make customers happy with their choice before they pay for any item.

Voice Search :
Voice search feature results in shopping convenience. The people can do shopping anytime, anywhere. No matter what you are doing, voice search feature will assist you in shopping. The feature is incredible because it is easy to talk than type. You can also give your reviews through this feature. The voice search feature will help the customers give their reviews about the product and their experience easily because they don’t have to give the reviews through writing or typing.

Conclusion :
We all want to do everything with the help of our smartphones. Shopping seems to be more interesting and convenient through smartphones. We depend on our smartphone for doing a lot of things. The retailers also find it very beneficial to use their smartphones for connecting with their customers. The retailers who don’t have their apps are choosing to have responsive websites so that the customers get the best shopping experiences.