The 5-star rated applications that you can see in the app store are encouraged for the user friendly experience they offer.  ArhamSoft(Pvt)Ltd is giving some useful strategies for the mobile app development.

  1. Choose The Right Color Palette

If you might have noticed that the “delete” button is red in color and “submit” button is green in color, then you must have wondered why it is so. The reason is that it due to the color psychology. Designers have to make judgment calls about using the right colors in different parts of an app. Colors are an important factor that affects the apps aesthetic.

  1. Make A Personalization Strategy

There should be a personalized experience that you can share with your friends and family. People like to be pampered and it is possible to add different experiences of personalization into the apps. Tracking the past behaviors of the users, user interests and frequent searches, and then using the data for giving the feel of the personalization.

For example, if a user usually buys books online, you can track the most frequently bought genre and send him notifications regarding new releases, discount etc.

  1. Simplifying The Onboarding Process

It is just like you are having a flight and feeling the excitement and anxiety. You will then feel easy if you will be given step by step demonstration of the process of tying the seat belt and using the mask if there is an emergency. The users who download the apps should be treated similarly.  You should guide them about using your app in an easy and quick way. This is the best way to attract users. The existing users will also be retained in this way. You can offer them different ways of new registrations.  Collect all the required data so that the app can effectively work. There should not be long registration forms for the users to fill in.

  1. Using User Research To Understand Influencing The Behavior Of People

Before building an app you must know how to steal the users of any products and what products that would be. It is the main thing. It is not easy to steal the customers and for this you have to hit the spot. First, do some research. The research method should include both qualitative and quantitative research methods. You should know your targeted customers and your competitors. You should also know the areas where you can beat your competitors. You can only design the best experience only if you can understand your target audience.

Let’s take an example of the Google Analytics which shows that the users drop off after reaching the ‘Signup’ screen. But here it is necessary to explain the reason that why users are unable to complete the step. If you apply the qualitative user research methods, you can find out the reasons of the dropping of the users. There are not the same requirements for all apps so you should consider all the factors.