The new phase of mobile development and innovation has affected greatly the businesses and our daily lives. The time will be transformative with the cognitive technology that will enhance all the activities with its high speed networks and will also provide deep insight to the people that they were unable to have before.

The first phase of mobility introduced the device that has multiple functionalities set in a single device. There is a Smartphone that can perform several tasks besides making calls. You can check and send emails, browse the internet and perform many other things. The functionality of the smart phones comes in the form of applications. The variety of the apps is increasing as compared to the variety of the apps available before.

The New Reality
With the transformation of everything into mobiles, the behaviors and expectations also transform. Just reveal the way the mobiles have transformed. You don’t need a television for watching a particular movie, or a library for researching any topic. You also don’t depend on classroom for learning any language. Now you can access everything with the help of technology. Life has become far more interesting. The relevant information can be revealed through words and images. For example you can check the items available in the refrigerator and check their expiry date without even opening the door. You can replace it with the help of a voice prompt.

Through embedded learning, the refrigerator may recommend the products for restocking. For example there is a zero inventory in a retail business. The products that are available are in the form of images that you can try on or try out when you put on a pair of glasses or look into an augmented mirror. You can give your preferences to the mirror. Your order is custom designed and you will get your order delivered at your door. Experiments are made with virtual and augmented realities to give existence to this capability. If it is applied to the production line then defects can be discovered by using the mobile device to look at the object. Instructional overlays are used to fix the defects and better with the yes command.

ArhamSoft(Pvt)Ltd is discussing the important strategies that will help in the jump-starting mobile apps development.

  1. Approach Your Tasks with a Mobile Mindset

Mobility is not only used for customer transactions but should be planned and imagined for the entire enterprise. So everything should be made mobile-friendly that includes your entire value chain and all stakeholders, the employees, the stores, the customers, your product and the machinery and designing, manufacturing, shipping and product delivering procedures.

  1. The Device Doesn’t Work without the Data

When analytics and cognitive computing is introduced, the value of mobility increases. The device from being a channel is changed to a personal luminary and the quantum amounts of data is then changed into relevant information.

  1. Embrace Mobile Development.

The time has changed and if you want to gain the competitive advantage and make relevant customer experience, you should embrace mobile technologies and development.