Software development is the process of creating software to meet the demands and requirements of a business. Any activity that is done for creating a software product is known as software development for example research, development, prototyping, revision, reprocessing or reusing, maintenance are all involved in software development.

Software engineering is required in it but the objective of the company is kept in mind while creating the software. The success or the failure of any software product is not based on any kind of marketing or engineering.  The software development is done according to the requirements of the client. It is done by giving priority to the satisfaction of the client. The programming codes are used in it. The programming codes are written in different programming languages.

Custom software development consists of the commissioning, creating and releasing a software product. An application, that is created for a specific company will only be used by that company and if an app or software is designed for a specific department of a company then only that department can use it.

In these day a startup as well as an established company needs software development service. But you should only choose a reliable firm for it because you cannot get the desired results from that software. You can also hire a software developer instead of taking the services of a software development company if you want cost effective solution for your company. But then you have to pay wage to the software developer. The software development is not a simple process. It is a complex procedure and it requires proper planning. The first step of the planning is to identify the needs of the clients. It can be done by talking to the client and understanding what he wants. After identifying the needs of the client, the next phase is the design phase. In this phase the design of the software is decided. The design has to be selected o fulfill every requirement of the company or business.

The software developers have to understand all the requirements of the client before creating any software. Before understanding the requirements, it is not possible to design the software properly.  After the software is designed, the next stage is the implementation stage. The software engineers start programming code here. After the software is gone through the implementation stage, the next stage that the software goes through is the testing stage.  After the software is implemented, it is tested for any defects. In fact the code is tested for recognizing any defects. If any defects are recognized, they are corrected. The testing is important especially where more than one software developers are working together.

After the testing, the software is deployed. The deployment involves installation and customization. After the software is created and is ready to be used, it is important that the staff should get proper training for using the software.

The software developer or the software development company should provide the maintenance and support service to the clients.

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