For better and improved customer service, I downloaded a company app but in return I didn’t get anything that I wanted to have. Every time I had to call the customer representative and take their assistance. I got so irritated that I had to uninstall that app. It would be such a nice thing if an app has some built in features for giving response to the queries of the customers. This is not a surprising idea because it is not impossible. If you implement the chatbots, you can achieve it very easily.

It is important to understand first what chatbots are if you want to understand how they can enhance customer service. The chatbots are basically the computer programs that help in carrying out the conversation. A light massaging app UI is used in it along with the language based rules and AI.

A natural language conversation tool is used instead of a traditional website or app user interface. It also responds faster as compared to the usual IVR.  With the help of this you will not need to wait longer for the reply of the representative. Here we will find out that is it really true that the chatbots will enhance the websites and mobile apps.

Brands Interest In Chatbots
There are some reasons that the brands are interested in chatbots for making websites or apps more interactive

People Are Interested In Messaging Apps
Recently people use the messaging apps at the greatest extent for communication. It is therefore very important for every business to use a strategy for engaging with people on messaging apps, which will give a rise to a bot based solution. In this way the brands will understand their customers in a feasible and effective way.

A Bot Development Requires No Particular Platform
The bots require no special platform because they are compatible on all the mobile platforms.

There is a need of an increased user engagement
The interface that is chat based has more engagement. For example billions of people use Facebook messenger to send messages. People use the messenger more than the Facebook itself.

No Need Of Downloading
Websites or apps take longer to run or to become responsive but chatbots load very quickly.

People Open The Chats More Often
The open rate of messenger notifications is higher as compared to the emails or social media notifications. It is more natural for the people to chat as compared to use an app. Bots therefore can help the brands in increasing their user engagement.

The work is still on progress
The new technology will continue to development and there will be more chances of betterment. Presently the chatbots are at early stage and we are not sure that if they will rule over the world in future or not. The future of the chatbots will be decided on the basis of the time. There is a need to find out the reaction of people after having businesses and brands in their messenger.