The business scenario is very competitive in these days and the companies should develop mobile apps if they want to extend their client base for any software.  There are many companies and even independent developers who are committed to developing the mobile apps but not all of them are fully professional and experienced. There should be a flawless mobile application development so, for this there are many important points to keep in consideration. Some of them are given as under

Before developing an app, it is very important that the developer should know the platform where that app would run. The most common platform is the Android and there are many android based mobile apps available on the Play Store. The main thing is that the app should be easily available for download. The driving force of an app is that it should identify a niche. The other platforms require hard work and obviously more capital.

Screen Size 
There are different screen sizes of different handheld devices. It is therefore important that the app should be perfectly designed for the perfect optimization if you want it to run smoothly on every handheld device. The app should also offer an easy data entry.

 Screen Density
The mobile app should be made to run on different dpi values as different devices have their own special dpi values and your mobile app should be able to run on those values. This is a very important thing because it has a great impact on the app aesthetics and appearance. It also controls image and position settings. The screen density determines the app’s position on the screen.

Geographical Location 
The developer must know the geographical area where he wants to sell the app. The app depends on the language, UI and features of the geographic region.

Security is very important for any app so it should be protected by different security layers of access. The data transfer should be encrypted. It must support the confidential file exchange.

Performance Testing
The app parameters that will be designed must be well-thought and must undergo performance testing before it is released for the end users.

Monetization Method
The mobile app developer must know the monetization strategies. It is a fact that it must not be of a very low or very high price so there is a need to conduct proper market and competitor research before deciding it.

Some other important point that must be considered include

  • Finding the best experts
  • An easy use and functionality
  • The presence of some attractive features
  • Bring a higher ROI
  • Using native technology

It is therefore concluded that an ideal app must be composed of all major factors for the full satisfaction of a client. According to experts, it is not difficult to develop an app but it is actually difficult to develop a great app is. It is even more difficult to make it popular in the competitive market but with efforts and hard work, it can be done successfully.