When designing a web that boosts conversions and produces revenue, it needs a lot of effort. The website has to be money making besides being attractive. Businesses usually focus on the appealing design but ignore increasing their conversion rates. These mistakes give a lot of damage. It requires some effort to fix these mistakes but it is possible to fix them.

With continuous trying you can increase the traffic to your site and then increase the sales too.

Let’s discuss some mistakes

No Responsive Design:

The most important feature of a website is the responsive design. The website is accessible to everyone if it has responsive design.

No Favicon :
Some visitors like to use many tabs when they’re browsing and sometimes they leave the tabs open for reviewing it later. Favicons give the visual cue to the visitors. Check out what they’re searching and return to your tab when they’re browsing.

Generic 404 Pages :
404 pages kill the traffic silently because the users leave the site.

The Homepage Uses Carousels :
Carousels if scroll automatically then they become a problem. They kill the conversion because they look like ads.

The Website Is Slow :
If a website takes more than four seconds to load completely then it is considered as slow. 70 percent websites take 7 seconds to load and if the website loads slowly, the user is more likely to bounce.

Slow Server Response Times :
Slow server response time will make the website slow and will indicate that there must be any performance problem. The server response time should be reduced to 200 ms or less.

Your Website Rejects Design Norms :
The website must have many design norms otherwise it will lose the visitors.

 Using an Unclear Font :
Do not use unclear font as they could be difficult to read. People like to read the content that is easy to read.

Poor Kerning, Tracking, and Leading :
Kerning is the space in between two characters whether those are numbers, symbols or letters. Tracking is known as the spacing between the words and phrases. Leading means the spaces in between the lines of the words. If they are closer together then it will be harder for the visitors to read and understand.

Using Several Fonts :
If several fonts are used, there will be confusion. Changing many fonts isn’t a good idea. You should only consider using two or three fonts.

Using Conflicting Fonts :
Using conflicting font is a bad idea because they distract the attention of the visitors away from the important parts of the message.

The Content Does Not Focus On Visitors :
Inexpert content marketers prefer the content that focus their business and ignore demands, doubts and problems of the visitors. In this way the visitors don’t covert into customers.

The Content Isn’t Scan able :
The visitors usually read 28 percent of the text on the web page when he visits it. It means you should focus on the content that is easily scan able which means there should be descriptive sub-headings, Short paragraphs, bold, highlighted and italicized content.

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