2017 is going to end and the New Year is expected to be the bright year for the web designs and Joomla. The following web design trends are expected in 2018.

  1. Background Cinema graphs

Background videos have been changed in their styles. Cinema graphs are the photos with little and repeated movements that become a video clip. They are known to be an animated GIF. The viewer feels as if he is watching an animation. In cinema graphs a series of photographs or a video recordings are taken, and with the help of an image editing software, the photos or the video frames are composited into a loop of sequential frames.

  1. Dash of Color

Black and white imagery is a typical style, but color mixture and white and black are expected in 2018 for deep contrasting images. The dash of color style is making its way online.

  1. Gradient Backgrounds

Gradient backgrounds are still expected to be popular in 2018 due to the evolution of CSS3 and animations. If gradient background is used with a slight change in color, it will bring experience to life. If a gradient overlay is added over an image, the look will be very stylish. If contrasting colored elements are added, then more amount of pop will be added to your page.

  1. Split Screen Layouts

In 2018 more split screen layouts are expected with contrasting colors and a light distribution of elements. This style will replace the pricing tables and multiple option pages.

  1. Vegan Navigation

The hamburger menu is now the standard of responsive/mobile design. But more than 60% of websites that have hamburger menus put it on the top right of the header cc, and it is not in the access of a user if he tries to use it with one hand. In 2018 the new standard in the mobile design will be the bottom sticky navigation and the hamburger will be optional.

  1. The Return of Mobile Templates

A website that fits to all screen sizes is a time saver but is not always useful. Apps are very useful but every website does not need a mobile app.  If a mobile template is designed with an interface which is like an app interface will offer more friendly mobile presence to the users.

  1. Knock out Text

For some time, it has been a print design style and CSS based knock out text emerged a few years before, but animated gif’s and video are a bit new.

  1. Isometric Grids

If the skewed grids are placed on each other, they will form isometric designs and isometric dimensional grid layouts are now coming with CSS Grid.

  1. Image Grid Masking

In 2018, image masking is expected to have a significant change. Taking Photoshop skills or some complex JavaScript has become simplified with CSS Grid layouts now.

  1. Content is King

Content is always the main thing no matter which design and style trend will be in 2018.

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