With technology turning into an essential wheel of our daily life, firms and businesses like Matrix Marketers are finding it more and more ideal to outsource the non-core activities for rising upon their competitive edge and increase the profit margins.

Especially in the United States, the trend of offshore software development is getting popular day by day where it makes economic sense to outsource many of the backend jobs to a destination like Pakistan and many others. Now, in the world, many international information technology companies are so dependent on offshore software development companies because it helps them in the innovation and improved results in the productions. Regardless of some new policies software development companies continue to grow to become a larger part of the global economy. Let’s take a look at some major trends in offshore software development companies.

Security Issues :
Security issue will continue to be of the top concerns in the field of software development. There are many concerns regarding the data security that is being handled by any software development company. With the help of IoT and many other smart devices getting connected to the network, there is a feared that security breaches will rise to an unparalleled level. It is therefore really necessary for the offshore companies to provide the best security to their customers, comprehensive secure booting, firewalls and authentication systems.

Cloud Computing :
The important part for all the offshore companies will be cloud computing and it will pay a crucial role in scaling upgrading of service providers. With cloud computing getting more and more popular, software development companies are now increasingly hosting their solutions on a cloud platform. Customers are now getting aware and demanding access to cloud-based hosting information. The customers are now mature enough in understanding the possibilities of cloud and are thus demanding fast access to information from their service providers. Hybrid cloud computing is also getting popular as it contains both private and public cloud solutions. With the cloud computing, big data trend in the modern era is also really high, especially with many brands and businesses.

Automation :
Automation and robotic processes will be instrumental in reducing the dependence on manpower and drive down the costs. This will also be helpful for any software development company to provide the best solutions and services without having to depend upon the unpredictably of manpower availability. It will be increasingly difficult to bring in manpower from the countries like India and will thus force companies to go for more automation.

IoT (Internet of Things) :
From the internet of things which was trending in the year 2017, this time IoT will boost things up. Every piece of hardware around us will get the opportunity to get connected to the network, making us connected to our surroundings. However, this will help in breaching the security protocols. Everything will be connected ultimately including home devices, wearable, and cars.

Political Uncertainties in Trend :
Political uncertainties were never much concerns as it is these days. There has been a rapid change in the fortunes of many other offshore software development companies located in Pakistan and many other countries. Issues related to Visa and immigration has the possibility of changing the whole atmosphere of the outsourcing industry. But the outsourcing industry as a whole is hopeful of surviving this period.

Final Words :
Offshore software development model is well accepted by the software industry spread overall the world. The demand for faster development and advancement in technology are the two major supporting factors. Software Company alone can’t be the expertise of every technology and can’t afford to adopt all the technologies and for in-house development, if are entrepreneurs and still not opted for offshore development. Do it now.