The semiotics and graphic designing are strongly linked with each other. Ancient Egyptians were the first logo creators who designed the images to convey their messages and visual code of representation. Logo designing remains utilitarian as the industrial revolution began to give rise to their customers as we know it. Images often represent the brands, their services, products or something like a factory. In 1956 the Paul Rand came with the logo of IBM and many designers say that this was the turning point of logo designing. After the logo design of IBM Ivan and Geismar started the designing firm. This takes the designing one step further. The field of logo designing revolutionized when this firm started producing the best and modern designs for the corporate firms at that time when the soulless modernism was the trend. Because of this trend, the work of this firm stays long in the market. Now in the modern era, it is really difficult to find the logos that survived more than 5 years. Mostly firms changed their logos with the passage of time. If you look back most of the companies have the same logo with slight changes.

The Rebel Period :
The early modern designs were the turning point in the evolution of logo designing. The early designs of graphic designing break the traditional rules and went on the experiment. In this period the designs of the logo were geometric in shape. In the early time’s minimal approach, clean typeface and simple photos were used instead of an attractive illustration. This time period gives the important functions to the logo designing. The revolution of logo designing came with style and it produces a new style in the graphic designing. The point to note here is that traditions are never forgotten. For example, the logo of Goodyear.

Parallel Movement :
Germany is really famous for having the world-class technology to put their impact on the global market. In the evolution of best logo design, Germany’s expressionism became the parallel movement. The period of spiritual and emotional designs is characterized by the German designers. The design of volks wagon was the front-runner that time. The logo of Volks wagon was designed in the year 1938 and it has a gear-shaped emblem.

The Beginning of a New Era :
The global outlook was changing fast with the industrialization and modernization. For sure the impact can be seen in the evolution of logo designing. More evolution takes place when curvy splendid shapes were introduced instead of regular and plain shapes. This revolution was really liked by different corporate firms because it was slightly different and attractive than the ordinary designs. Consider the very first evolution of graphic designing, how the cubism broke away from the traditional designs that were not attractive at all. The idea of sharp edges was introduced after they broke from the traditional drawing.

The period of 1929 was good because it glorifies the technology and industrialization. The very important moment was in the logo designing as Supremacism rejected the usage of representational images in the logo designing but very few know about this. This movement was changed on the idea that abstract designs left the spaces for multiple interpretations.

In the year 1925-1940 electric style was introduced as this art combines the traditional elements with the mechanical elements. This designing style enriched with colors and really bold I shape and style as well. At that time this was used for the business logo designs. These designs were luxury, glamorous and strong in technological progress. The art deco really influenced all the aspects of graphic designs but this was the most visible on the art of typeface. One of the great examples of deco style is LEGO.

Final Words :
The logo designing is the art that is really appreciated for 90 years. Egyptians were the first who started to convey their messages using the pictures. The design of the logo is the really important thing as the design and look of the logo has been modified now. In the modern era, traditional approaches are not used by the logo designers as the old traditional designs are not fit in the modern requirement. Now there are 2D, 3D, and animated logos as well. Mostly the businesses want the logos for their brands that reflect their business in front of their customers. As we all know the first impression in the business must be strong and the logo is the very first thing that the customers see whenever they use their website or applications.

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