In this blog, we will explore how the attractive and colorful icons are made for the software. Almost every business often needs the new applications to provide the best customer services to their users and for this purpose, they need new development as well. While developing the mobile application there are so many challenges that must be under consideration like the speed of the development, ease of use and topic of the application. These kinds of applications can be built for the large enterprises or for the solitary purpose as well. The iPhone app development or android app development is really a big market around the globe. According to the latest report generated by the Forbes the expected sale revenue of software development in the year 2017 was almost $188 billion and it will cross $285 billion by the year 2020. The annual growth rate of application development is 15%.

To provide the best customer experience to the user’s lot of time and effort are put into the development of a single application. The report of Clutch survey claimed that the mobile app development companies in the year 2015, costs estimated about $171,450. The process of development of mobile application could be prolonged and unpredictable in so many cases. Due to this the development of mobile apps often outsourced to the best mobile app development company.

How are the mobile applications developed?
The very first step before developing the mobile application is to get the idea that what the developed application will do and what is the requirement of the mobile application. After finding the requirement for a mobile application the next step is to estimate the time required for the development of mobile application. The estimated time could be 18 weeks or 10 weeks but define the estimated time separately for the front and back end development. Front-end development includes the design of mobile application whereas the back end development includes the management of passwords, user experience, and integration with any third party apps or managing the notifications. The interface and optimizations mostly included in the front-end development.

The final process after the front and back end development is to deploy your mobile application. You can deploy your mobile application in IOS or Play store or in both as well. To publish the application in the IOS or play store platform may require some time and money as well.  Once your application is published in the desire platform users can easily download and use your mobile application. This will ultimately benefit your business.

Mobile Application Development Cost :
The cost of the development of mobile application depends on the complexity of the application. If you are developing the application for web, IOS or play store it will cost different for different platforms. Think Mobile report claimed that the time need to develop the application with no API and standard UI components takes almost 400 hours. Such applications are called the simple applications. Moving a step ahead the time required to develop an application with custom UI components, adding payment module with back-end server almost needs 500 to 800 hours for completion. Such applications are called moderate applications. The time required to complete the complex app with the support of multi-languages, third-party integrations, with custom animations and with the back end server almost take 800 to 1500 hours. Apart from the regular application, the gaming applications take more time. For the development of the efficient app, most of the businesses engage themselves with the professional app development companies. The virtual application takes more time and has more line of codes than regular applications.

No Code applications :
Not every business can hire a top class development company to create the code for their application to run in the play store or IOS platform. There are many apps available that can help you to develop the application by just knowing the little know-how about the mobile application. There is a trend of growing to create the application in the houses. This is the better option for a less complex app for the novice app creator. One of the good examples is GoodBarber which creates the both IOS and play store application using the online interface. The claim if GoodBarber is publishing over 30000 applications. They are providing the 30 days trial as well to make it risk-free for their users. The feature set is long while no coding is used the application will remain the property of the company.

The development of the application is really necessary for your business. If you are running any businesses the mobile application is the need of the time. You can go with android app development or iPhone app development.  If you want a mobile application for your business you can hire the professionals from the highly reputed mobile app development company, ArhamSoft.