In the past few years in 1 billion smartphones, more than 179 billion mobile applications were downloaded and this count is increasing day by day. Mobile Apps Development is one of the innovative and active growing industries. The market of application is led by the Google apps, social media and gaming apps. Many giant brands like Amazon are using the mobile applications for their branding as well as to improve the customer engagements or for direct marketing as well. Following this trend, many small businesses are using the mobile applications for their branding as well. The effective mobile strategy is more important than just a mobile-friendly website. Mobile application development brings new changes and advancements in the technology. We enlist some of the top trends which will surely determine the future of mobile app development.

Wearable Devices in Mobile Industry :
According to a published report by the IDC, almost 102 million wearable devices were shipped in the year 2016. In the year this rate increases up to 29%. Smart wearable devices like Apple watches and Microsoft Hololens were shipped the most. These wearable devices open more opportunities for the app developers, vendors and accessory makers. In the upcoming time, the mobile phones will become the hub of personal-area networks consisting the wearable gadgets and healthcare sensors. In new days the gadgets will communicate with mobile applications to deliver your information. These wearable gadgets will surely help in the areas of sports, fitness, fashion or healthcare. The connection of your gadgets with the mobile application will surely influence our next generation and definitely the android app development.

IOT and Smart Objects :
The latest report of Gartner claimed that by the year 2020 there will be 26 billion connected devices which will contain thousands of smart objects like Bulbs, Toys, LED light and sports equipment. These smart objects will be the part of the Internet of things (IOT) in the future and will surely communicate through a mobile application on phone or tablet. Your smartphones and tablets in the future will act as the remote controls to analyze and process the information. In the future, you will be able to do the social media things like to do the tweet, post or share anything you want on a single touch. The Microsoft and many other giant companies are using the IOT capabilities to their feelings. The technologies like RFID and Wi-Fi are used by many of the top IT industries. The big example of this is a home automation system like a smoke alarm, camera and thermostat products. In the recent times, Apple introduces the Homekit that allows controlling your home appliances through voice control. This product by the Apple contains light dimmer, thermostat, and air monitors as well. Following the same trend, the Amazon introduces Amazon Echo that is voice command and answers all your questions.  At the Postscapes lab, you can find the comprehensive list of IoT driving technologies.

M-Commerce in Mobile Industry :
The trend in the mobile purchase will continue for some years as more and more people adopting the M-Commerce. The Apple Pay and Google Wallet are getting more fame among the people and this will surely disappear the debit and credit cards in the future. For this purpose, the developers must have to build such applications that will be the replacement of debit and credit cards. M-commerce can be of different shapes. Beyond the data collection, this will play a key role in future mobile payments and customer loyalty.

Location and Motion Sensing :
In the modern smartphones, most of the mobiles have location sensors capabilities which use different positioning methods to provide the location data. You can know the individual location from your mobile within a few meters is a really useful and powerful service. These applications are used for the security purpose, Anti-theft purpose, for power saving and games as well.  Vehicle navigation and Geo tagging are the other applications of location sensing. Small technologies are really important in the long run of giant technologies.

Innovative Experience Design :
For a sound user experience, effective data display and content on your mobile user interface is really important. The successful mobile app companies like Instagram and Pinterest are using their data effectively with interactive designs. Application designers are developing the applications that can accommodate the mobile challenges. The user first interacts with your content so the content of your mobile application must be used wisely. All the businesses and companies must master new skills and work with new partners to meet the user expectations.

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