Grabbing the target audience attention on your website is not a difficult task anymore. As the competition is going stiffer day by day so you have to engage your customers towards your website. You must produce some magic on your website that the presence of visitors on your website turns into conversions. Web developers are already playing a crucial role to catch the attention of users/visitors. The web developers can do this by using different tactics while the time of development. Keeping the competition in mind I’ve tried to explain the top 8 trends in Web Development that every web developer should watch. Web developers must follow these trends at the time of development to increase the conversion rates. At the time of development, the developer must think like the users to exceed the expectations of users. This article will help you to know what are the top 9 trends and ways to do it. If you are not a developer you can hire Web Development Company to build the website for you. The website is the reflection of your business. In this century if you don’t have a business website then your business is far away from success.

Let’s start our discussion on 8 next-level web development trends that will surely help you out to increase conversion rates.

  1. Refurbished landing Pages

In the modern time, landing pages are becoming an unending process of transformation. In the past heavy landing pages were used with less information. The old landing pages are outdated and never successful in grabbing the users’ attention. In the modern landing pages, more information is used in less space. The users are mostly interested in the design of your landing page and very few of them focus on the content on the landing page. It’s a recommendation to keep the text to bare a minimum when it comes to design a landing page. For landing pages, you can use the templates of web designs or you can add different attractive features on your landing page to cater the visitors’ attention.

  1. Static VS Dynamic Sites

Using the static site generators dynamic site content can readily be turned into static ones. This tool is considered as one of the best tools by most of the bloggers. This tool really helps you to boost your site loading time and making your content easily accessible for users. Security factors can also be optimized using this generator and plain text can be converted to a beautiful site as well. Web developers who like the light software to work on will surely like this.

  1. Images and Videos

Just go to your browser and open the sites of Nike or Adidas. The very first things that you will see there are big and bold happy faces featuring their products. Human brains process much faster than text so why not take this advantage around your website? You can hero images or Videos on the homepage of your website. You can also use the big and bold fonts on your website to highlight the things that you want to show to your customers. These tips are for the web developer so every web developer must keep this thing in mind while developing any new website.

  1. Interactive UI and Chatbots

In the new age of interactive user interface live chats and chatbots are rising so rapidly. Chatbots in the modern UI making the lives simpler and easier by auto-reply function. The chatbots are providing the best experience to your customers. These chatbots on your website will help your customers to deal with the complicated processes.

  1. JavaScript Rise

The year 2017, was the best year of JavaScript with brilliant framework and technologies. The rise of Java this year comes to fundamental that web developers need to get the bottom of. JavaScript also providing the REACT library that helps the web developers to build the user interfaces.

  1. Minimalistic Designs

Use the white spaces in a proper way while developing your website. The design of your website must be eye-catching so users spend more time on the website. The web developers must ensure the thing that website has a minimalist approach while development. You can take the idea from Apple’s Website.

  1. Mobile-First Approach

45% users access the websites through their mobiles. The developed website must be responsive to your users can get the same experience on mobile as well. Developers can develop the separate design for mobiles but if your website is responsive there is no need to develop a separate design for mobiles.

  1. Focus on UX and RAIL Strategy

Web developers are no more strangers with the RAIL strategy in the modern age. This strategy is providing the great user experience on websites. The developer now uses the RAIL strategy for producing the best experience to their customers.

The website for the business is the need of time, if you don’t have a website for your business this will be a dark night for your business in the upcoming time. If you are not a developer you can take the Web Development Services of ArhamSoft. ArhamSoft is providing the top web development solution for 18 years so feel free to contact us.