The most important way to generate more customers for your business is to drive more traffic to your website when you are running any business. There are lots of ways to increase the traffic on your website like

  • Content Marketing
  • Paid to Advertisers
  • Social Media Marketing

The sad fact of digital marketing is that not every visitor on your website will buy from your website. The average conversion rates or websites is about 2.35%. This means if 100 visitor’s lands on your site only 2-3 will purchase from your website. If you want to raise your conversion rates to optimize your website to a more profitable level. Website of your business is your real chance to impress your clients so in this article we’ll discuss the website designing tricks that will boost your website conversion rates.

Negative Space on Website :
The space occupied by different elements on your website is known as a positive space whereas the unused space is known as negative space. The professional website designers at time of designing use this negative space that will help your products to stand out. White space may also increase the load time and in result visitor will browse another site.

As smart businessmen, ensure that you have much negative space on your website. This space will allow you to use the important elements like the call to action buttons or any other external links. You can break the content on your site into paragraphs to increase the white space.

Color Combination :
When trying to build a website most of the designers overlooked the colors. Choosing the right colors for your website is another important factor to increase the conversion rate of your website. Research shows 85% of visitors land on your website due to the color combination of your site. You can take help from any web design company for designing your site. There is not only one color that fits on your whole website but you can choose the color combination to make your website design attractive. The right combination of colors on your website reflects your brand emotions as well.

To increase the conversion rates it’s our recommendation to use at least four colors on your site.

  • One color scheme for your site background
  • One color scheme for your site text
  • One color scheme for your important links
  • One color scheme for your highly contrasting call to action buttons

Keep your Navigation Simple :
Adding a link on every notable page on your navigation bar can be tempting. Well! Doing this increase the number clicks on your site? Yes, it will. But having too many choices on your navigation bar can distract your visitor. This will also reduce the chances that visitors will visit important pages like the pricing page.

Reports say that: having fewer choices on your navigation bar increase your conversion rate as it makes it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for. The position of the Navigation bar on your site is equally important. Navigation bar in the header of your site converts more than placing the navigation bar in the sidebar or in the footer.

Avoid Free Templates :
Every content management system comes with a lot of website themes and templates. Most of the business owners use the free templates to cut down their costs. All the free available themes are not bad but the thing that must keep in mind while using these templates that were not created with your specific business in mind. These freely available website templates are overused and not updated as like premium or custom templates. A free website template looks cheap and never allows you to customize it as per your choice.

You need a professional web designer to get a custom design. Customized website design of your website really helps you in boosting your conversion rates.

High-Quality Visuals :
Human brains get the information quickly when it is in visual form like videos and images than texts, Research says. If you want that visitors spend more time on your site must use the images and videos than copywriting. Images and graphics media on your site is an important thing and thing to focus on is quality, not quantity. The two ways to get high-quality visuals is by using a Photographer or Professional graphic designer. Don’t hire the graphic designers from freelancing sites as there is a risk of receiving low-quality visuals.

What Next?
In this article, you learned the web designing tricks that will skyrocket your website conversion rates. The only thing that is standing between you and your website conversion rates is taking action. Just go to your website and have a look what are the missing elements on your site and what are the improvements required. If you are not a graphic designer you can hire a professional web designer from reputable website Designing Company “ArhamSoft”. Our professional will provide you customized website design as well as free customer support and maintenance as per agreement.