The market of Mobile is skyrocketing and mobile apps development is becoming the crucial part of every business. Every business is trying to grab this opportunity. All the established brands and startups are hiring android app development companies. As the market of Mobile is growing exponentially and many businessmen are really confused about how to build mobile apps as in Play store there are already thousands of applications are available. If you are one of them then this article will surely be helpful for you. In this article, I will discuss the 9 most important steps to do the mobile application development successfully.

1. Do Market Research
Whenever you got an idea in your mind don’t rush to development agencies. The first thing to do is the deep research about your idea. Dig deeper into the market and search if anyone other is working on the same idea or not. You have to evaluate the development scope of your mobile application in the present or future. If yes, find insights and select your target audience, their expectations, and preferences. Another thing to focus on is that how your idea will affect the community.

2. Define the Specifies of your Application
After having all the data in your hand the very next step is to make the decision of pre-development.

  • Pick the platform for development
  • Approach for app development
  • Technology Stack
  • Application Monetization Model

Consider these steps wisely as these steps will not only help you in enhancing the idea of your application but will also influence the cost of your mobile application development.

3. Design of Application
After taking all technical and non-technical decision turn yourself towards the design of your application. Create a design and test it to understand that is it feasible as per requirement of Platform not? After getting success in this move towards the next process that is prototyping and visual design process of your application.

4. Hiring Right Development Agency
For building a successful application this is the most important and confusing task. In the market there are thousands of options are available but all are best. Do an extensive market research but before that must prepare some questions to finalize the mobile app development company. Besides the cost of application choose the agency based on the following

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Portfolio
  • Client Feedback
  • Market Reputation

5. Application Coding
After hiring the right application partner share the design and all the pre-development information of your application with the team to start the coding process. The hired team can use the different models for development to get better results.

6. Testing Phase
Everyone wants to launch their application as soon as they want but don’t take a chance of skipping the testing process. For the success of the application, Quality assurance plays a vital role. Quality assurance prevents you to launch buggy applications that can easily break your image in Market. When it comes the testing phase of your application hire QA engineers team with the consultancy of the development team to get the best outcomes.

7. Launch your Application
After testing the application completely use some ASO technique and publish your application on a recognized platform like Play store or the Apple Store. This process can take some time but it will surely boost your application in the play store.

8. Market Your Application
If you think after publishing your application on the famous platform you’ve done your job than you are wrong. To ensure that your application is being downloaded and used by millions of people just market your application on different platforms.

9. Maintenance of Application
For the lifelong success of your application in the market maintain and update your application. Maintain your developed application according to the response from customers. By doing this your application will get higher visibility. Another important point is to update your application frequently as people positive updates are appreciated by users.

As you all the steps to create a mobile application, look forward to it. If you are not a developer hire mobile apps developers from reputable mobile app development company, ArhamSoft(Pvt)Ltd. Dive deep in the market and if you are still confused about your application cost, contact us and get a free quote.