In today’s Digital era website is the best marketing channel for any business. In the online world, your website is the reflection of your business. Here are some of the important reasons to have a business website to enhance your business.

  • Marketing Tool
  • Make Your Business Discoverable
  • Set a Mark for your Business
  • Control Brand Image

You will surely agree with us that all the websites have not great designs. In overall look and feel of your website design of your website plays a vital role. Apart from website design, there are many other factors that visitors considered about your website is worth visiting or not. There are different blunders you should avoid while designing your website. These are the 5 bad website blunders to stay clear of. This is also a good practice to know the best and worst about your website.

  • Inconsistent Visual Design
  • Difficult Navigation
  • Pop-up Interference
  • Overstuffed Content
  • Personality of Website

Now let’s talk about the 5 Web Designing Practices.

User Experience
The very common mistake made by the business owners is that once the website goes live they didn’t make the audit of the website. Your business website is nothing if it is not able to convert your visitors. You have to provide a smooth and functional experience for your visitors. In short all the things on your site like content, Brand logo, image etc. should be aligned with each other.

Easy Access to Information
When users want any information or service they visit your website and if they are unable to find what they are searching for they will never make the second visit on your website. They will surely visit some other site as millions of websites are available on the internet. Your first preference is to provide easy access to all the information to your user on your website. If you will not do the same you may have a difficult user experience or may lose a valuable lead.

Landing Page
You must have a Landing Page on your website as landing pages are designed for users to take some actions on your website. For designing the landing pages you can use the following tips.

  • Self-Explanatory Headings
  • Take Help from Analytic Reports
  • Diminish the Distractions
  • Placement and Positions
  • Content

Design your landing page using these tips; if you are not a designer hire graphic design agency. Your landing page must display important features about your business. Don’t use the excess information on your landing page.

Responsive Website Design
Responsive website design is the key thing to increase the conversions rates. As we all know that mobile is the most used device in modern times and this is an extremely important thing that your site is optimized for mobile view. Your users will surely avoid your website in future if they will not get a good site experience on different mobile devices. Hire some professionals from Web Designing Company as they can do it for you in a better way.

Visual on Website
Don’t forget to add excellent and clear visuals on your website as these are really helpful in conveying your message to your visitors. Don’t use too much visual on your website as it will make your website crowded. Try to use some human elements in your website relatable to your services. Use the faces with an appropriate message on your site.

Having a website is nothing if your website doesn’t follow the basic rules of designs. Try to follow these rules while designing your website. If you are not a graphic designer must hire graphic designers from one of the leading Graphic Designing Company, ArhamSoft. Professionals of ArhamSoft are completely aware of best website designing practices. If you are still not able to create your own website get in touch with us.