Most of the people have their own websites but unless you understand some of the major web designing facts your site won’t have the desired results.

Nowadays it is really common belief that good web designs only require the drag and drop elements, adjust different colors, add desire content and away you go. This is really common practice and in most of the cases, the result is the good looking website. If you want your website to go above and beyond just looking good and have a high-performing site that serves your business at its best then you need more.

All you need is the right web designer or a web designing company who know how to work behind the scenes in order to manage all the little and critical issues that can push your site to the top. Here are some factors that play a really critical role in making your site performs well. In this blog, we added some additional factors if you are trying to target a specific market or visitors.

Make Your Design Responsive:
People around the globe use different devices to access the internet. People take granted that their favorite website can be surfed either from their computer or mobile. To ensure that your site can be viewed on any screen can be viewed on any screen size is a critical process and this is called responsiveness. Your designed website surely be 100% responsive to guarantee a consistent user experience for your audience. Could you imagine the disappointment if one of your visitors view your site from mobile and found all the menus and pictures distorted? Only the best web designing companies ensure you the same quality across different devices.

Use Images and Videos That Rock:
It has been said an innumerable number of times that videos and images are the essential part of your website. Your audience will be entertained if you well-select the pictures and videos for your website. Images and videos are the best media to convey your message to your audience. The quality of your image or video is not only the thing to concern about but the selection is also a critical process. Therefore you need to set those images to your website that really attracts your visitors.

Importance of Content Structure:
Most of the countries like China tend to prefer pages with shorter content but strictly focus on their topic. On the other hand, your website content must be specific and longer.

Good Coding is The Engine of Your Website:
Your website looks good and all the functions working properly. You may think that your website is working is going good but this is not the case. Coding is not something that you see but it really affects your website. The thing to note here, if your website code is broken or messy than your site won’t even show up in the search results by the search engines.

Cater to Different Browsers:
This section is related to the last section about coding. As each browser read your website code differently. So, if your website looks great on Chrome it might not get the same quality on Mozilla or Safari. In some of the browsers, the design looks broken or some other functionality won’t work. This is the problem that only a good web designer with some rich knowledge of HTML and CSS can solve.

Design Matters:
As we mentioned different technicalities up to now doesn’t mean that the design of your website is not important. The visual impact on your website still has a powerful impact. A professional web designer not only designs your website but also know how it will be organized as a good web designer is also goal oriented.

Speed is Key:
I must quote some important statistics that 47% of the users on websites expected to load a page within 2 seconds or less and 40% of them will leave your website if it doesn’t happen. Now, there is no doubt that speed is equally important for your website. You can see what a difference a single second can make on your website.

Next Step:
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