The year 2017 & 18 was remarkable for the mobile app development. In the year 2017, the Mobile app industry has seen a new language KOTLIN, become the official language of Google. To rule the Artificial intelligence Apple makes partnerships with several companies. In 2017 we found one of the most disruptive technologies of the time “Blockchain”. You are again far too mistaken if you think that the Mobile app industry has reached its true potential. The year 2019 so far called as the most impactful year for the industry of mobile application development. Without wasting more time let’s look at some impactful trends in the year 2017 & 18 and will get bigger in the year 2019 as well.

Mobile Payment:
In the year 2019 people are less likely to carry the cash in their pockets and a big number of people make their payments through their mobiles. If you still didn’t offer the mobile payments to your customers this is a big worry and you must have a discussion session with your mobile app development company. The mobile payment industry will cross $503 billion dollars by the year 2020. The mobile payment industry is growing at 80% of annual growth rate. As there are many mobile applications are already running and still, this number is increasing especially from the last year in the US and globally as well. If your application is not a paid app you must provide the payment feature in your application to get more success. The applications that are paid apps are in the list of convenient apps.

Blockchain Technology:
For the financial transactions and asset management, many government firms are planning to invest in the blockchain technology. This is expected a report that one-third of the banks will adopt the blockchain technology by the year 2020. With the Bitcoin, the blockchain technology has already made its position in the market of technology. For the digital payment blockchain technology will use for the digital payments. With the blockchain technology, the transactions are made on every passing day and this industry is growing faster as well. There are many brands that are offering the blockchain technology for the security and management features.

Progressive Web Applications:
Progressive web applications are the things that you must install in your mobiles as PWA provides the diverse range of features with quick updates and with the working of offline mode. PWA is providing the speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in the line with the native app counterparts. Most of the brands are adopting the progressive app development.

Wearable Applications:
The industry of Internet of things is expectedly grown up to $157 billion in the year 2018. IOT applications are satisfying the needs of medical needs. IOT applications are growing faster day by day. Without mentioning the smart homes we can’t complete the discussion of IOT. The IOT application helps in controlling the smart home devices, door locks, and entertainment systems. The IOT is already billion dollar industry and it is continuously growing.

AR and VR Applications:
The next generation like gaming is totally about the augmented and mixed reality. The experts of VR and AR claimed that using AR and VR will collect the revenue of $150 billion dollars by the year 2020. Apart from the gaming industry Augmented and mixed reality will be used in the education and real estate industry as well. Augmented and mixed reality will help your mobile to solve your issues in mobile as well as to increase the conversion rate if your application is E-commerce.

Enterprise Applications:
Enterprises applications are growing so rapidly in the business industry. The study shows that 80% of business owners are using the enterprise applications. The expected revenue from the enterprise applications by the year 2021 is about 430 billion. This is the time of virtual employees and an employee working in one place is negligible.

On-Demand Applications:
So far in the year 2019, the people spent 98% more on the on-demand application in the comparison year of 2018. The report shows that the users also want the other applications like haircut, laundry and food applications as well. The average annual spending this year on On-Demand apps increase up to 24%.

Instant Applications:
Instant applications are the best applications to eliminate the barrier between the apps and websites. These applications are more convenient and attract more users. You can use the instant applications without completely installing it on your mobiles. The demand for an instant application increases to 37% this year.

These are the type of mobile applications that are helping the mobile app development revenue. If you want a mobile application for your business you can take the help of one of the best android & IOS app development company