With every passing day, technology is growing at a rapid pace. Invention of a smartphone and turning it into a vital part of our daily life is an example. Since the world is heading towards digitalization, mobile apps are gaining more and more adhesion in all industries and have become an integral part of the digital ecosystem. Investment in mobile apps development has increased and it has been estimated that by 2021, the number of mobile app downloads will reach almost 352.9 Billion and mobile app revenue will reach almost 131$ Billion, which is a huge number to prove the heavy demand of enterprise-grade mobile solutions.

2019 hasn’t been over yet and development trends of mobile application which will dominate 2020 and see the daylight are transparently obvious. Let’s discuss in detail how next year will look like in mobile app development perspectives.

AI & Voice-Enabled Personalized Apps :
We, as mobile users, demand personalized app experience that can respond to our needs accordingly. To achieve this, mobile application developers are working on AI and voice enabled technologies to allow users to have a pure personalized experience.

AI allows applications to learn from a user’s usage patterns and implement necessary actions without being told to do so. For an instance, if a user shops online, application will show users their desired products before they search for any particular product. AI is helping industry to launch apps that can provide services like distance calculation, vast data management and analyzing user behavior.

Furthermore, mobile apps companies are working on voice-enabled apps to provide the user a similar kind of handiness. Currently, it isn’t possible to have a full-fledge conversation with a virtual assistant, but they’ve come so far and becoming increasingly efficient at understanding the context of the conversation.

On-Demand Apps :
On-demand Apps have gained the most popularity recently. As an intermediary platform between consumers and businesses operating in various sectors, these mobile applications get you covered from food delivery to daily rides, package delivery or a spontaneous getaway to name a few. This trend is going to continue in the coming year where apps like on-demand baby-sitting, saloons, laundry services, and domestic helper, etc., will be making their way to the highest trend charts. All you need to do is to place a request in the relevant app after installation and the service will be provided at our doorstep.

In current dynamics of corporate regime, businesses tend to engage reliable Android and iOS app development experts to build them their desired software solutions essential for their business growth.

AMP- Accelerated Mobile Pages :
Google started the AMP project three years ago in collaboration with Twitter in order to increase the loading speed of mobile pages. It helps out the application developers in reducing the bounce rates in large number and increase the performance rate. This way, app publisher gets more visitors, and enhanced user retention rate.

Apart from that, Google announced the provision of a separate search index for mobile web. This announcement changed the mobile application development trends entirely from SEO perspective, and that will stay dominating in 2020.

IoT- Internet of Things :
When concept of AI came to our minds, it generated a common perception of transformers. Everyone must have tried to avoid it, but it crawled its way into our lives to a huge extent and it’s not over yet. Starting from replacing our alarm clocks, it is now controlling everything from our personal to professional lifestyles.

Let’s view it in perspective of an example from our daily lives. Suppose that you just reached your office and you just remembered that you forgot to switch off your bedroom’s AC. Now, there is no need to rush back to home just to switch off the AC. What you need to do is to get connected with a good internet connection with an IoT supported app on your phone and an IoT integrated power system at home to switch off the AC.

IoT is most likely to dominate Health sector, Homes, Cities, and Automobiles in the future. 

5G Technology :
Be it iOS or Android app development, the introduction of 5G technology is a jaw dropping moment. It is more likely to be introduced at the end of 2020 in the market. However, even before its arrival, there are a lot of theories and assumptions are prevailing in the IT industry about this technological advancement. It is assumed that 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G and it will drastically change the concept of AR, VR, 3D gaming and data security.

Blockchain :
Blockchain basically refers to the immutable time-stamped growing list of records of data that are linked using cryptography and managed by cluster of computers. It’s known as the best solution for cybersecurity, so far. We can say that if Bitcoin gave us chills in perspectives of cryptocurrency, then Ethereum as a blockchain technology platform showed us the true powers of blockchain.

Decentralized apps, or Dapps, are an enormous example of blockchain. These apps don’t need a mediator to manage the information. Instead, these apps connect users and providers directly so no one can penetrate the data. In future, we’ll be seeing blockchain in anti-piracy, PR, Betting, Robotics as well as in health sector, trading, media, games etc.

Wrapping Up :
When first mobile introduced in the market, no one would have thought that our lives will be revolving around this appliance in future. Now, we are living in an era where technology is unveiling itself and revolutionizing our lives as well as mobile app industry. Creating an app is easier than ever now and with the arrival of 5G technology, everything is going to be better and faster in 2020.

With these most anticipated trends, their integration into our phones seems to be a big leap. For that, you need access to a trusted mobile app development company who is familiar with these technologies. In this regard, choosing ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. will be the best of your choices. This is one of the leading companies who are developing mobile applications with extensive experience and cost-effectiveness.