Evolved from China in the late 2019, COVID-19 – a noxious virus that has grounded its roots in several countries so far. As per WHO, the range of this disease appears in the form of common cold and transits in the critical mode such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), organ failure, septic shocks and becomes the cause of death.

Its prevalence, adverse effects and contagious elements have shaken the whole world. Each and every nation is brawling with this pandemic restlessly. According to reports, worldwide death rate from this virus has surpassed 300,000. Imposing of lockdown as a preventive measure in many countries like China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, UK, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Pakistan, India and many other has been a wise move as COVID-19 has broken the shackles of medical care.

Since, time required to develop the symptoms of COVID-19 is nearly half month, referring that carriers could possibly spread the virus without even an acknowledgement of having it. Healthcare officials are industrious in channelizing their efforts towards developing a coronavirus vaccine and continue to work harder to see the sunlit when no one passes away from this disease.

In turning the tide of this infectious virus, from school closures till national quarantine lead to a safe pathway. As the probability level in, maximizing the number of patients is high due to stealthily spreading speed of the virus. In continuation, sphere of digital technology has become broader by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track and fight this outbreak. AI-enabled integration solutions are leading the way confronting the mainstream of hazardous pandemic.

Backed up with AI, dispersion of the virus could be measured, giving an elementary and rapid form to manage and control its unforgiving effects.

Let’s have an insight about the practice of AI to defy with the occurrence of COVID-19.

Screening of Population:
Since the inception of COVID-19, a domain in which progressive developments have been carried is the applications of Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) to screen the people whether they are the victim of the vicious virus or not. Identifying who is suffering from it is a preliminary step as there is lack of testing facilities available. Through AI-powered temperature screening systems in places, lots of people can be easily detected suffering from common symptoms.

Advancement in the development of novel AI-powered smartphone applications are taking place to track the spread of disease geographically. It is not only obliging for people to be notified concerning their health state and getting medical aid timely, but also spotting the places where there are more chances of becoming a subject. The actual worth of all these efforts is that digital technologies also offer monitoring in real-time consequently enabling the authorities to become more practical.

Acceleration of drug development process:
Confronting the outburst of coronavirus disease, AI can provide assistance in accelerating the process of vaccine development which is undoubtedly cut-throat expensive task. Though, this fact cannot be ignored that drug formulation process is quite a long-lasting procedure having failure rate of more than 90%. But the incorporation of AI doesn’t leave futile in making the process faster and less-expensive.

As the cornerstone in developing a vaccine requires to generate a replica of virus by recreating the virus genome sequence. By using AI algorithms and its computing power, an exact genome sequence and an accurate virus copy are achievable. After which, diagnostic tests for the virus could be effortlessly developed and authenticated.

Data Processing:
Doubling up the coalition in prevention of the disease is the need of hour. At some point or another, AI provides feasibility in processing the large amount of data gathered from health sector, public databases, social networks and transportation history. Further, an optimistic response of AI is also in view to predict the prevalence of virus through Automated disease surveillance platforms.

AI frameworks also facilitate to gauge how weather fluctuations and human actions might bridge avenues in diminishing diseases from animals. Through possible linkage of medical and travel data along with personal data extracted from social platforms, including family details and lifestyle habits etc. also offer assistance in giving more detailed and accurate forecasts related to individual risk rates and likely health outcomes.

Wrapping Up:
As a new phenomenon, inculcation of AI in business has become a competitive tool that is being used by organizations swiftly. Bringing upon fruitful transformations such as automation of manual activities, development in operational efficiencies and automated interactions with customers, its integration in software development leaves the outcomes endearing.

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