Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is being a cause of panic for a number of reasons. Since inception, it has instigated diverse dilemmas for the people around the globe. Observing the considerable threats to human kind by COVID-19, one of the greatest concerns is to minimize its prevalence.

Aiming at controlling the death toll from Covid-19, has turned down the networks and positive circumstances of all the industries. Businesses across all industries have been immensely affected by the strict measures like lockdown and quarantine. IT industry survived to some extent since web development services providers easily switched their in-house operations to WFH model.

As there has been no vaccine yet and no one has such immunity to persist its effects, safety measures for a long duration become a necessity to deal with this. Billions of people have been affected by lockdown globally.

World reached the edge of complete shutdown when virtual setups took the lead and helped people and businesses survive. For instance, due to school closures, students are taking online classes and people are getting connected to digital media to maintain liaison with the outer world. Likewise, tech companies have started working remotely to keep up with the current situation.

Survival For The Fittest
For survival, it is believed to shelter the economy, and technology as they serve like encapsulating tools. All businesses are acting innovatively and taking all-possible, decisive steps to face the nightmare of the pandemic that’s spreading like fire in the forest.

The undesirable widespread of COVID-19 has also created a substantial effect on the information technology sector over the past few months. This sector has made progress at a very fast rate and digital and knowledge treasures and economy have unleashed its potential at maximum.

Considering human capital as one of the most valuable assets of the IT industry, leaders in their capacity have to rehash the strategies and policies to make things better in the long run.

Here we bring you some key takeaways in limelight for IT leaders to confront the prevalence of COVID 19.

  • It’s the prime responsibility of industry leaders to make a way through which their followers could easily bear the tragedy. They should make their employees continue working from home to make a reduction in office expenses and it is vital for everyone’s safety as well.
  • Consider designing more systematic, distinct and adaptable strategies to overcome the operational barriers; for instance, limited availability of mass transit, core infrastructure, and internet to name a few.
  • Another worthy initiative would be to cut down the costs, as the projects would be on hold and there would be a disruption in services. Since, no one is aware till when the situation lasts, there should be a suitable cut down in administrative expenditures and cash assistance, etc. Further to this, it would be better to forgo paid leaves and usage of cash reserves would be a plus to manage the situation.
  • As it is quite known that IT service companies may face prospective project delays or cancellation and there would be hurdles in receiving payments. So, as a caution their next step should lead to some reduction in salaries with a vow to pay in future.
  • The leading management should inform the workers beforehand about any possible changes in workflow and policies.They should not sugarcoat any condition. They may cease the hiring process and postpone the performance appraisals and other perks like bonuses, etc. After settling the dust, they can resume these activities without any objection.
  • Instead of opting for a layoff strategy, they should alter the working time and days for the workforce. So, each and every employee would continue working with hope and aspiration.

Now, as the situation demands a proactive and participative leadership style, so the communication from the leaders should be relaxing. People are sinking in anxiety and trouble. As an IT leader, make your people trust you and build hopefulness in them. Your leadership ability should be to manage stress and reveal emotional intelligence will boost up the morale of employees. You need to be honest and transparent with them to communicate and update about the company situation.

Wrapping up:
IT industry has its base on solid fundamentals and has the possible resilience to grip the shudders of corona disaster. We at Arhamsoft (Pvt) Ltd. endeavors in the best of interests to smooth and simplify the processes which help in bringing the best out of stakeholders. Our C-suite professionals have kept their leadership capabilities in good shape to channelize the business operations and drive the workforce in an exemplary way; without tending to lay off the staff. Hence, we are hoping that all challenges we are facing today due to ugly coronavirus are going to be provisional and all industries would come back on track within no time.