In the beginning of 2020, companies and businesses have faced a major strike in the form of Coronavirus. Its swift spread has forecasted significant revenue decline which has created a massive effect on the economy. And, it seems not ending anytime sooner. Till date, most of the companies across all industries are fighting to regulate their business processes and policies in preparation for an economic recession.

There is a 360o revolution seen in the lifestyle of people in most of the countries due to pandemic. The majority of the businesses either moved to a work-from-home model or an absolute closure to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Besides healthcare, mankind has been affected to a great extent considering financial concerns and job losses as primary outcomes of this outbreak. Whether it is a retail, pharmaceutical, automobile or software development company, there is considerable effect on financial state.

There are businesses which have revealed a constructive response to cope up with the crisis. We can’t predict till when this virus will last. However, we could definitely avoid the reasons which truly play a part in the spread of the disease. We are forced to prepare ourselves to brawl this disease due to overgrowing fear and emotional trauma.

There is an alarming healthcare situation due to this prevalent virus which is grappling all over the world. Observing its notorious effects, businesses have implemented drastic alterations for its maximum prevention. This disease doesn’t consider boundaries while spreading. There are so many businesses which have faced severe disruptions and some are even temporarily closed.

Regarding the impositions of Government, businesses are navigating the ways to adjust their resources. No doubt, financial and operational challenges are touching peaks, but substantial interventions for better task performance and employee productivity is also laid out at several business verticals.

As we unfold its brutal reality, there is a great strain on the business processes which ultimately resulted in so many drawbacks. Common instances of firing employees, cutting-down the salaries and holding other benefits give no surprise.

Adopt Remote Working Style
Since COVID-19 is acting as a catalyst for an immediate response, it is anticipated that way of working and team collaborations would be in a different way as long as it doesn’t end. Major considerable effects of COVID-19 put forth the need to shift from office routine to working from homes. Every single business is paying for the crisis of COVID-19 including web development agencies even if they continued working from their virtual setups. There would be a high proportion of sick leaves as well because of the pandemic. These emerging challenges need to be dealt with immense proactiveness, adaptability and prudence.

Meet the Human Resource Needs
First and foremost priority should be empowering your workforce since it’s your dedicated resources who represent you through hard work they do while providing the services. Serving the customers, meeting the core organizational needs and the necessity of real-time interactions to avoid ambiguities must be approached in the right way. It’s not only about fulfilling the resource demand of the time, but to bring them the best of back support. Give your employees all the reasons to continue handling your business operations with full devotion and stay with you with loyalty till the pandemics ends. Take care of their financial and cognitive well being.

Manage your Teams Like a Pro
IT industry is one of the most occupied sectors in the corporate world. Every single operation needs mindful focus and engrossed precautions to survive the peaks and trough of challenging times. With Covid-19 comes the hurdles in monitoring the workforce, which heightens productivity issues as employees are working remotely facing the dilemma. It is really not possible to rehash all the major functions. However, it certainly calls for impressive leading capabilities to establish and maintain the core business operations. Moreover, people are moving towards digital mediums which also demand responsive teams to deliver seamless customer support.

Reevaluate Strategic Decision Making Process
Realigning the strategies and automation of routine tasks is required where everyone works at an extraordinary speed. Though interruptions have occupied every space, still your workforce should be organized in such a way that your employees could meet the challenges and provide more comfortable customer experiences using digital channels. There has been a shift to execute the different strategies which usually evokes the potential reduction in revenue loss. It poses another threat to position the business for its productivity and efficiency.

Make a Shift in Policy Paradigm
In today’s grave situation, where resilience and ability are being tested, businesses with the valuable input of policy makers and other stakeholders are rethinking about policy changes. For instance, in supply chain models, the demand and supply equilibrium is significantly disturbed and if this situation continues, then businesses indulged in sales and production will continue to suffer. Here, they need to slow down the production (in case they can work in their factories). Another example comes from the IT industry where work policies need to be revised to continue development with remote-first, agile teams.

Some industries have adapted well in shifting their trends, but most of them are not. As change will not totally define the failure, in similar veins small businesses will have to give a thought by making their presence online more robust and productive.

Wrapping Up:
We at ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. are making every possible effort to continuously improve the plans and dealing with fast and unknown parameters of an outbreak like COVID-19. We are fully indulged to formulate incident management and set up strategies to deal with and survive this crisis. We are not giving any loose end to not minimize the disruptions occurring in all operations. We have not cut down the salary of any employee, giving them their due share with other perks, we are aligning all the tasks in the best fashion during this time.