Since the invasion of the COVID-19, the whole world has faced the binding of shackles. According to an estimate, nearly 2.6 billion people are experiencing lockdown worldwide. Due to COVID-19, this aura of quarantine and social distancing has given one of the most psychological traumas ever. Other outcomes in the second half of 2020 will portray more challenges like economic burnout and recovery from the past disturbances.

Worldwide, the death toll in the most affected countries has increased from hundreds to thousands. Now, in this alarming situation, the quarantine period will be prolonged if the virus continues spreading at its current pace. Since we need to put this all to an end real soon, all people in their personal and professional capacity are taking precautionary measures not to become a recipient of this disease and also calls for solutions to lift up lockdown.

Well, foreseeing and scanning the future events, mobile apps development services providers are playing a vital role by taking a move to build contact-tracing progressive applications.

What would be the perks of using this application? And how would it work?

In order to know whether people are suffering from this ailment or not, this smartphone application helps in identifying and alerting the people who are infected from this pandemic when you get in contact with them. These applications would provide a possibility to lessen the repercussions of this harsh time where everyone wants to overturn lockdown. Through such technology, necessary precautions could be taken timely which could lead to minimized death rates.

How Contact-Tracing Apps Work
Exploring the structure of contact-tracing mobile app reveals that the use of Bluetooth low-energy (LE) technology will make a person notified whether he has met anyone infected with this virus. This will happen when another person has also installed this app. The process initiates through the exchange of anonymous IDs, which will not get stored on phones and would be deleted after almost 3 weeks.

When someone reported with coronavirus, health authorities could upload the list of those using anonymous IDs over the period of 2 weeks for contact tracing.

Privacy Policy Approach
When everyone wants to get rid of this pandemic and seek a sunlit where there is no fear of this contagious disease, this application will allow an ease in removing restrictions taking place currently. Things would fall at its normal pace. A keynote is that people are concerned about their privacy factor that might be in this app doesn’t become a honeypot for hackers. This app wouldn’t require much personal data and will ensure privacy protections of people. The system incorporates Bluetooth-only and gathers no location data from the users except those who reported positive with COVID-19.

Additionally, public health agencies will be using the data for generating a code for the diagnosed which in turn will trigger the alerts. The use of information will be solely for contact tracing. No other non-governmental organization will have access to the data. This initiative in digital media becomes one of the noteworthy response plans in meeting up the tragic condition.

Convince People to Use This App
Diagnosing people, making them isolated and providing proper health facilities are the primary parameters in this regard. This profound use of contact-tracing technology is and will provoke people in managing the spread of the virus. This application is in use in Singapore and China, making people more aware of the carriers of this ailment.

We really find it hard to remember every person we meet on a daily basis. Simplifying the manual task into an app-based tracking system will put away some restrictions. As it is known that not enough testing facilities are available, the use of this technology might not work like a silver bullet. However, it will definitely play a part in turning the situation in our favor. Making a system work well and clear instructions from officials will simplify the use of this app.

The merits of this app are worthy, but at the same time the use of this app actively is a challenge. As per a report published by the University of Oxford, stated that in order to suppress this pandemic, people need to make use of the app vigorously in their daily life. But this appeared challenging as 25% of UK population refuses to install this app. In Singapore just 17% of the whole population installed the app. The apparent situation is thought-provoking since the usage of this beneficial app is quite lower than expected.

This application is one of the significant tools to help detect the infected people around you. But it would be much beneficial once lockdown and social distancing ends, and people start interacting with each other.

Final Thoughts:
Technology can help save lives only when people allow it. Contact-tracing mobile applications are undoubtedly the best way possible to break COVID-19 transmission chains. Besides warning individuals about infection risks, these apps help health authorities with contact tracing and hence, devising the solutions to protect people from this deadly virus. Considering the rising need for such life-saving mobile apps development, leading IT companies such as ours ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. are becoming more proactive in delivering high-performance software solutions with utmost customer safety and satisfaction. We have all the expertise in developing all sorts of progressive applications for web and mobile like this contact-tracing application using full stack technologies – AI/VI, Machine Learning, and blockchain to name a few.