Want to take better control of your business operations but afraid of overheads? This thought often resonates to startups and SMEs with limited finances. Even big conglomerates occasionally look for offshore outsourcing opportunities, mainly to cater to their IT needs.

Outsourcing non-core tasks, all while focusing on core-business processes, has now been a common phenomenon in the corporate world. And, to grow realistically is a major concern for businesses across all industries and when COVID-19 pandemic has seized the global economic growth.

Financial constraint is a key reason that pushes organizations to engage dedicated IT resources rather than hiring full-time, in-house teams.

Because that’s the real struggle, right?
Even when a big chunk of the world population is at home waiting out the quarantining, time is precious. We cannot simply shut the things down. Businesses could survive for a few more months, but only if you can sense the upcoming economic crisis by the end of this pandemic you will realize that it will be more acute and disturbing than past Global Financial Crisis 2007-08.

Essentially, you will need to find programmers for your software development needs and keep things rolling.

Here, we bring you a few vital tips to surf the hiring waves whenever required and bring the best-in-class, agile programmers on board to meet your IT needs.

Form a Lasting Impression
With plenty of fish in the sea you need to catch the most fruitful. And therefore, when it comes to hiring your development staff offshore, a well-written job description plays a significant role in making a powerful first interaction. A strong, lucrative project explanation with all the perks you can provide to dedicated programmers help you cast a wide net of benefits.

Reflect your company culture so that hired resources have a clear understanding of what sort of people and environment they are going to interact with. Don’t forget to add as many helpful pointers as you can to make remote developers better comprehend the job nature and hence, can put up a reasonable proposal.

Identify Essential Pain Points
Be it your prospective customers or hired resources, you should identify and address their true needs. It is the best way possible to see where you and the people you are dealing with stand and how come both could be a great for mutual benefit. So, whenever you need staff augmentation make sure you know their specific concerns and problems related to your business or project under consideration. Be communicative and discuss everything openly with your potential resource.

Try to speak directly to the candidate to evaluate where he stands professionally and what issues or problems he needs you to solve before moving forward with the recruitment process. Simply put, the key to successful hiring is ‘how to fix specific pain points’ pertaining to offshore employees. You need to bring your remote-first team an absolute satisfaction they seek.

Add Value to Current Teams
What makes your business stand out from the competition is not only its unique selling point, but how efficiently its workforce operates at the backend. It is an open fact that the majority professionals look for a company culture that allows them to grow professionally and groom personally. So, if you assure them that their induction in your workforce and collaboration with your in-house teams will bring them this very perk, they would be pleased to work for you.

Go for an IT outsourcing partner that has developed a learning culture through professional training programs and also acknowledges cultural diversity. Now, if you have such a supportive and healthy environment, our dedicated developers would love to work in collaboration with your teams or exclusively – depending on the project nature.

In brief, all you need is to have precise clarity about what you need. So, talk at length with your preferred IT outsourcing services provider about everything, see how dedicated resource(s) can add value to your business and how you can make them work better for you by addressing their pain points at best. Having all these perspectives in your mind, you can make a well-informed decision about sharing your workload with dedicated software developers.

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