COVID-19 has been perceived as one of the ailments that has beaten up the medical sciences. It pushed the people, all over the globe, to shift their lifestyle drastically. This outbreak has brutally created a massive disturbance in all of the businesses. If you consider different industries, including any IT outsourcing company that can easily and quickly move to a remote-working model, you will observe immense downsizing, and big cuts on salaries. This pandemic has put the global economy at great risk.

The economic consequences are ringing the bell of a never-ending financial crisis the world may have to face in coming months. One hardly knows when this pandemic will be over. Even taking protective and precautionary measures to inhibit the transmission of this pandemic have a mixed response. For instance, if at one end, some nations have greeted the lockdown as an absolute necessity and are adopting contact-tracing apps as a must-have, there are a few countries falling behind; and, not realizing the severity of the pandemic is bringing more trouble at different verticals.

Knowing the fact that people are vulnerable to this ailment, businesses have been completely shut down adhering the strategy of working from home. All industries are paying the price during the lockdown as every business can’t shift their working style. From minimum to no hiring, supply chain disruptions, provisional business closures and reductions in trade activities imply that an unprecedented dilemma of COVID-19 calls for further approaches that help lower the graph of this pandemic.

Here’s how big technology giants are playing their part and bringing motivation for small-to-medium enterprises that how they can survive and help communities during this crucial time.

Social Media Platforms
The present situation where economic downfall is apparent will most probably make the input of Big Tech companies valued and noteworthy ever. It doesn’t make much difference which part of the world you hail to, these companies are required and should be encouraged to contribute to mankind in this crucial time. By using the social media platforms, they have made a prompt move seeing the harsh outcomes of this severe disease and its related crisis.

Social giants like Facebook have unexpectedly initiated featuring links to high-quality information from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization. They have contributed millions of dollars in relief funds and subsidized huge stocks of N95 masks to healthcare setups. Moreover, they have added segments to their applications covering the precise news related to Covid-19.

Facebook has also contributed a grant of US$100m to SMEs since the predicament of unemployment is climbing the stairs. A vow by Amazon to hire additional 100,000 individuals will help control the unemployment besides giving the supply chain business breathing aid. In quarantine and social distancing, the use of digital mediums has become a lot more common that keeps people connected and well-informed.

Provision of More Tech-Enabled Services
The role of the tech industry is also in the spotlight by assisting other sectors to work more efficiently and effectively. Organizations such as Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei and so others are making their move during this crisis. Chinese Big tech giants, through their inimitable services of 5G, Artificial Intelligence, data mining and cloud computing are putting up a lot of effort to stabilize the current dilemma and are providing funds and sustenance relief.

It is expected from tech companies to act like a leader currently and exhibit the best of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) plans. For the well-being of people and communities, cooperation is something that would be indispensable from the tech industry.

Initiatives like contact-tracing mobile apps is a pretty good example in this regard. Big tech companies, exclusively or in collaboration with other industries, local governments, or international figures, would help implement the strategies made for societal and economic benefits pertained to coping with Covid-19.

A Noble Initiative By Google
Since, some tech companies are endeavoring to suppress the binge of false user-generated information, many others are utilizing the user data to create vital documents concerning the invaded coronavirus. A company that is doing so is none other than Google to analyze whether the lockdown and other impositions in countries are actually forcing people to stay at home and restrain the spread of the virus or not.

A report by Google entitled “COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports” focuses to give awareness and insights related to working from home and other plans which are meant to pull down the arc of this pandemic. The detailed reports of each and every country are prepared by having anonymized data collected from cellular phones. The data were amalgamated from almost 131 countries globally, inclusive of Arab countries.

Final Thoughts:
In the difficult times of Covid-19, Big Tech companies are stepping in to respond to the COVID-19 crisis earnestly. They are bringing up numerous opportunities to seize and confine the upshots of the global outbreak. They are taking part in restructuring the goodwill of people by enhancing the possible use of technology and digital transformation.

When all tech companies are playing their role during the pandemic, we at Arhamsoft (Pvt) Ltd. are also making all possible efforts to maintain social distancing while continuing our business operations from homes. Our professionals are working diligently in the quarantine period to give the best and uphold the satisfaction of the customers.