Social media platforms and business vitality are interlinked. Keeping into account, the popularity of Twitter has climbed the mountain if we see the growth graph of the past few years. If we recall the time, the first tweet was made in March 2006 and, today, there are 500 million tweets every single day. The growth curve is prodigious, and so does its impacts on individuals and businesses.

Your Twitter account could be a lead-generating hub.
When a business has to unleash its potential, it must seize the share from social media channels, especially Twitter. This admirable social media channel is preferred and utilized by most of the businesses. If we talk about global services, digital marketing is of paramount importance to achieve business growth.

A wisely picked medium makes a prolific impact on your branding endeavors. For the organizations that need their content moving in real-time, Twitter is going to work better compared to any other platform.

However, acknowledging the fact, it’s always about the people, not the accounts.
Increasing traffic organically on Twitter is a time-consuming process that needs persistence with patience to drive required results. Making the best use of available resources will reap more rewards that would be more satisfying and yielding.

By highlighting some meaningful ways Twitter offers for businesses, let’s discuss how to harvest the benefits of it.

1- First Impression Lasts
Twitter might act as a gateway of a new venture and will propel your business far beyond the limits you can ever imagine. As the world is accelerating at a fast pace, people’s attention span is decreasing. They skim through social media content and take a few minutes and even seconds to decide whether or not to interact with.

So, the first impression of your Twitter business account should be unparalleled. Giving serious attention to your profile, more possibility of traffic and business opportunities will knock at your door. Those who are indulged in global IT outsourcing, they must implement this aspect seriously for acquiring a good network of clients worldwide.

2- Reveal Your Primary Strengths
Yes, we are talking about your business website. Show up and tell the world who you are, what you do and how you can better address their pain points than your competitors. Sharing your web and blog links on your business account will play a significant role in this regard. It helps build your brand value.

Credibility is such a part that needs to be built-up with absolute resilience. Your products and services will be the ultimate choice of your target audience when they have confidence in you. You have to earn the people’s trust on social media. It’s somewhat complicated in case of Twitter due to word characters-restriction while tweeting – narrowing the use of hashtags. So, marketers need to work smarter here.

3- Connect with Industry Thought Leaders
Follow to get followed back. But, make real connections. Perform a deep research before connecting with industry professionals and thought-leaders since it’s going to be a great tactic to significantly grow your community. Meet and greet industry influencers that can help you gain some extra followers and grow your business.

Besides, personalizing your feed to make your business achieve more heights, you can share other people’s work and tag them. Sharing their posts and tagging them in yours will help them know about you and will get your brand in front of their Twitter audience. In this way you are also guiding Twitter algorithms to know your interests, and suggest content and connections accordingly.

4- Use the Power of Hashtags
The journey of grasping Twitter benefits at best remains incomplete without hashtags. These hashtags don’t serve as a tool for relevant topics only, but also become a threshold of Twitter-wide conversations as well. You just need to place # before the word to create a hashtag and it will start aggregating your target audience towards specific content.

Hashtags help better optimize your posts for improved audience engagement and get found by new people. So, don’t forget to add at least two to three hashtags in a tweet. Adding variety will help your business reach larger audiences. So, while you are seeking attention from a large number of people, try your level best to incorporate all the necessary elements.

5- Do Tweet Multiple Times a Day
Do tweet as it is quite known that the more you expand your presence the more followers will be engaged. If a visitor comes across your twitter account and finds no activity for the past days or even a few hours then he loses interest. This platform requires valuable content to be posted throughout a day for business growth, traffic and sales.

Keep everything well-proportioned. It is better that tweets should be about your general perceptions and insights, your retweets and responses to other tweets and some useful information about articles and studies. Keep most important tweets pinned and that will help grow followers and hence bring you more business.

6- Engage to Maintain Your Audience
Knowingly, acquiring customers is an aim of a business. We never put customer satisfaction factors behind as it leads to retaining them. Truly, Twitter podium will make you gain more clients and traffic, but also demands you to address customer concerns and queries appropriately.

It may seem easier to get caught up in post likes and reach and in the followers on Twitter. However, the real task is to stay engaged with your audience to maintain them. Provide them what they seek for, know their interests and plan your content strategy accordingly and it will help build a significantly loyal consumer-base.

Wrap Up:
Learn and make an unrivaled experience of the Twitter platform. When everything is handy, don’t wait any longer. Pursue your goal, apply these strategies and boost up your business growth.

In brief, the impact of Twitter on business growth takes a right mix of commitment, attention and effort – following the trends in rage and understanding what your competition is doing to stand out through this very social medium.