On average, nearly 2.3 million searches are executed by Google every moment. Google ads appear in most of the search results pages. PPC marketing has become a rich source of driving relevant web traffic, leads and sales.

Generally, the trend of Google ads is creating more hype in growing organizations. For the reason that well-established enterprises, specifically B2B industry, have already integrated paid ad strategy in their digital marketing campaigns. However, it’s a costly journey for new businesses and SMEs.

Business survival and organizational functionality persistently need input in all areas with no exception of errors that needs to be immediately identified and rectified.

Here we will shed light on some mistakes that take place in making Google ads and side by side the aids to fix them.

Not Using Dedicated Landing Pages
When you spend money on Ad campaigns, people click on that ad and leave the page without buying. It indicates that perhaps your landing page is the actual reason refraining the users to perform your desired actions; hence, not converting into buyers. It will make you waste a lot of money.

Fixing up this mistake will make more probability of maximizing profits through PPC. The underlying issue could have the reason that it might give a bad impression to the users. May be there is no alignment in the structure of a landing page or the use of irrelevant images. Well, poor UX/UI and complex navigation are more likely to cause shopping cart abandonment.

You only have a few seconds to convince the site visitors to stay, explore and finally purchase. Remember, minimal design is significantly important to give the users an experience that persuades and drives them to the desired action.

Inadequate Keyword Research
Turning a blind eye to keyword research and planning is one of the most terrible mistakes. Tools like Google’s keyword planner should be used to seek the appropriate keywords for your paid search campaigns. Additionally, it is wise that you don’t forget to add negative keywords to your campaign.

Apart from keyword research, it is recommended to choose the keywords that match enough which people normally don’t do. Keyword match type has a lot to do with the success of your Google Ad Campaign. Find almost 10-15 generic keywords and use them in the three categories of broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match, or apply one category knowing what exactly your audience search for.

Moreover, create particular ad groups which aim at specific landing pages – targeting specific keywords. Give your campaigns appropriate time to get mature and then optimize depending on the results received.

Overlooked Bidding Strategy
While there are so many bid strategies available, it is still a daunting task to find and implement a perfect match for your targeted keywords and hence, campaign success. Bidding selection and optimization if done wrongly will drive your ad costs high and diminishing the returns.

Some advertisers suggest using manual CPC whereas others prefer enhanced CPC. By using the manual one, you will be having more control on your bids. But, if you are preparing to test out a campaign with one or two weeks, the option of enhanced CPC must be utilized for maximizing clicks. Through this bid strategy, you could get more clicks at a reasonable price.

All bid strategies are tried and tested, but there is no thumb rule which will work the best for you. However, you must select a right Google Ad bidding type that resonates with your primary business goal – maximized conversions for profits. Doing the opposite will make you consume unexpectedly more bucks than your fair share.

Lacking Multiple Ads in Different Ad Groups
Another commonly observed slip in Adwords management is overlooking the importance of creating different ad groups, and each containing a variety of ads. With multiple ad variations you can be more specific with your campaign performance. If an ad is more profitable than its variants in the same ad group, you can quickly adjust the budget to add or remove from other campaigns that are not performing so well.

Create specific ad groups with at least 3 ad variants, Google suggests.” Give them appropriate time to get mature and then monitor performance to optimize each for improved output. You better continue with only those ads that could bring you a better conversion rate.

Many attempts are required to test and seek the final and winner ad(s) for your campaign to get the ROI required. A campaign that gives optimal results at the initial stage is hard to find. So, keep patience and optimize your campaigns depending on how the key parameters like keywords, ad variations, bidding type, etc perform.

Wrap Up:
Google Adwords is a convenient, trendy way of business growth and development through paid advertising. Even a minor mistake while setting up and running your ad campaigns could burst your financial bubble. So, you better know the game rules to avoid any possible failure. Carve a path for lead generation and winning profitable conversions through appropriately done Google Adwords.