Online retailing needs precision in each of their services. If you are and have brawled with shopping cart abandonment rate then it is not something new. Visitors add products to their shopping carts but abandon the website without making a purchase. Almost all the online retailers are facing this issue more than expected since the coronavirus outbreak is shutting down the world and hence the economic downfall is becoming more obvious.

It is sort of an uphill battle, but surely this could be fixed and wise measures could be adopted to regulate the cart abandonment rate, especially now-a-days when time is testing the patience of mankind during Covid-19.

Let’s talk about those possible steps which could facilitate e-commerce stores for cart abandonment rate during COVID-19.

Seamless Checkout Process
Since the pandemic is putting up restrictions, people are inclined for online shopping, then it is the prime responsibility of online retailers to analyze the checkout process. This option has emerged as one of the significant reasons for abandoning shopping carts.

Certainly, you don’t want potential customers to bounce without purchasing.

What should be done? You have to make the journey of customers smooth and cognitive-free. You have to make improvements in the checkout process. It is done when you could eradicate the optional queries in the fill-up form, ask only the relevant queries and a very friendly payment procedure which is transparent to them.

Instill Confidence in Buyers
As per the survey results, nearly 20% customers reported that they hesitate in purchasing considering the security issues.

When you gamble with user data protection, you bet your business.

Data security is the key reason that often pushes the customers away from converting. So, vanish the security dilemma and boost up the trust of customers. Making a credible approach that offers trusted payment options like PayPal and Apple pay. Ensure that their personal and financial data is safe in your databases because if they lose the trust element, then cart abandonment rate will keep on rising.

Shipping Costs Matter
Most of the online buyers are of the view that shipping costs are also a reason that make them step back from purchasing. On the flip side, there are e-commerce businesses which offer negligible shipping cost.

What customers expect is a reasonable shipping process.

Dealing with shipping costs might not allow them to convert into a loyal customer. Therefore, you need to keep your shipping procedure transparent and quick. Customers should easily find the shipping destination, cart value and other shipping options which should depict any other hidden costs and fees.

Delivery Process
Since, the impositions of closures and lockdown have created a massive effect on business operations. And it is without any doubt that customers will face prolonged delivery time. So, this time customers may have the experience of late deliveries of their online orders. And, it shouldn’t surprise them.

For this purpose, e-commerce stores could use the hyperlocal delivery method, one of the best-suited delivery approaches. It delivers the products within a short period.

Website Functionality
When working for decreasing cart abandonment rate, be sure not to compromise on a slow website. It would be the core mistake that will make your growth fluctuating.

Loading time with vague information on the website leads to increased shopping cart abandonment rate.

Focus on making options that are easily grasped by the customers; don’t make them wait and try as much as you to avoid giving them a buggy website experience. Otherwise, conversions will not happen.

Return Policy
Another reason that could diminish the cart abandonment rate is the incorporation of return policy. What mostly happens is customers don’t get the products in terms of quality they want, e.g., cosmetics, clothes etc.

Articulate a return policy in a fair way that leaves no ambiguity.

When the visitors will be ensured of it, then the abandonment cart rate will have a significant decrease.

Final Thought
When you get over these methods and tips, then another worthwhile approach for decreasing cart abandonment rate is the customization which would be the reason that leads the scenario in different cases. Remember to have the feedback of the customers as this room for improvement will give you the definite niche where customers will no longer hesitate in making a repeat purchase. Now or then, it is always given a priority that customer comfortable experience matters the most of all.