The advancement in mobile apps development services is taking the next level to deliver the lavishing experience to the customers day by day. A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website that is developed to provide a native app like experience to the operators. When we explore the native apps, we observe the installation to the home screen, push notifications, offline mode and many other features.

PWA is a hybrid app providing more of a native app experience, doesn’t require a web browser to operate again and again along with offline working, updating description and material responsive, linkable etc. This script will bring those fundamentals in the limelight that need to be catered before the launching process.

1- Scrutinizing Responsiveness of PWA
It is always required to prepare a checklist to ensure the working of progressive web apps on all the browsers, network speed and devices. It will facilitate a lot in meeting the expectations of the target audience.

Who doesn’t want a fast-paced web app with discoverable features and work offline?

While operating web pages via smartphones certainly displays navigation snags, and this is catered by cross-checking and testing the app layout. PWA must be scrutinized by testing engineers on various devices and sizes to confine the dilemma of responsiveness of the application.

2- Testing Offline Mode Functionality
One of the main aspects that need to be guaranteed before launching PWA is testing the app in offline mode. There are tools available that could test the performance of the app without the internet on all devices. Adequate functioning with no internet, especially in airplane setting should also be catered.

Try the best to not leave this loophole before launching the app for users. Proper display of content, minimizing any disruption should be tested concisely on all the network speed whether it is 3G, 4G or slow network connectivity.

3- Browser Compatibility
Before dropping the PWA into the market, just check it out for the functioning of it using various browsers, e.g., Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. Not knowing with which device and browser PWA is going to be accessed later will make your product flop at the initial stage.

PWAs like standard mobile apps should be browser friendly.

Cross-browser testing will analyze the navigation and loading speed on diverse mobile browsers, eradicating any ambiguity that PWA will work as it is programmed to. If this issue pops up, then users may leave and will be seeking an alternative. Don’t let them bounce back or turn to your competitors – give them the seamless user experience at all browsers and mobile app platforms.

4- Loading Time
Another potential hurdle that needs to be put aside is to make the loading time fast of PWA. If this issue is identified, then no time should be entailed to eradicate it. Load testing of PWA must be done almost on every operating system to deliver the fine and reliable outcomes.

This ignorance might generate expensive failures. So, utilizing the appropriate tools that could accurately analyze the application performance on different devices is mandatory. We at Arhamsoft(Pvt)Ltd. are very much cautious and handle the mobile apps development surfacing minimum loading speed to ensure delivering unparalleled user interface.

5- User Engagement Features
PWAs need to be engaging for the users, so you must reevaluate its all features and functionalities. The engagement features of the app in the form of push notifications should be incorporated to deliver a friendly experience. According to research, consumers deal with those brands more which utilize a push service.

Users get notified when the content gets updated, this makes them return and use the app.

It is a core feature of PWA that it is engaging. Therefore, this factor needs to be dealt concisely making the user experience comfortable and pleasant.

6- Discoverable PWAs
Since, it is known that PWA is a website so it should appear in search engines as well. It is a competitive advantage of PWA over native apps. Users should not get any difficulty in accessing the application on the web. SEO utilization will aid the process in this matter.

Additionally, there is a content fragment which is ever-changing with the connectivity of the internet. Here comes the role of service worker (JavaScript file) through which working is executed at back end timely.

A Quick Wrap Up
Businesses that need and launch progressive web applications should use manual and automated testing in the best way to make this venture admirable – both for the company and end users.

PWAs for mobile users is such a treat, but keeping standards and performance controls before unleashing the product into the hands of users should be a hard-core strategy. This is a definite way of augmenting the mobile traffic and keeping the users engaged with its unmatchable and innovative features. Deliver optimum performance by adhering the essentials mentioned in the document.