Email marketing amidst numerous marketing strategies is considered a powerful plan to build up brand awareness and customer satisfaction. It is a very cost-effective strategy that could be utilized to acquire and hold customers. Let’s get started in digging out the steps needed to create an easy email marketing strategy.

1- What Tools you Require
Email marketing, a significantly important part of your business marketing plan, interprets the promotion of products through electronic mails. It elaborates what, when, where and who to include to build up contacts and develop relationships with them. With this aim, just initiate creating a strategy with seeking appropriate tools.

The most commonly used email marketing tools include MailChimp, Mailjet, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact and Active Campaign to name a few.

These tools help accelerate your email marketing process through easy template creation using custom content, quick campaign optimization and automation, and generating reports – ensuring that you hit the mark every time.

Pro Tip:

Make sure, regardless of the tool you bring into play, your emails should land in the primary inbox instead of under promotion or any other tab. For instance, you can increase the readership by using least-to-no images in your messages because Google often considers such emails as spam.

2- Well-Defined Buyer Persona
Moving ahead to prepare an email subscriber list takes the prerequisite of digging your buyer persona. This aspect will give you an insight to make the most of your marketing efforts.

For developing engaging emails to interact with them more personally, do explore their demographic factors, preferences, purchasing behavior and motivational elements, etc. Bookmark this persona as this will also be helpful in developing an email schedule.

Buyer persona needs you to target these people at the right time; when they actually open and read your messages. Appropriate email scheduling proves to be one of the decisive factors in converting your subscribers into customers. In your email marketing calendar, mark the days with the time on which email needs to be sent. Test the timings which generate a better response.

Pro Tip:

Use the name trick. In your email marketing program, make sure you address your potential customers by their first name. For this, Merge Tag tool is a great option.

3- Get Some Handy Tactics
Having a clear and detailed picture of your targeted audience intrigues to move with a meaningful and an inquisitive plan to persuade the audience to become a member of your email list. What could be done?

Think of providing something beneficial and exciting to the prospects.

Now the question is what do they consider valuable? Grabbing customers through offering a discount, useful content which eradicates their ambiguity they have, or precise information about your competitive edge could maximize the chance of winning them as a subscriber.

Pro Tip:

Keep sending out valuable, informational content to build a meaningful connection with your potential consumers. Don’t try to blatantly sell your products and services because every time you do so, your message will be considered spam.

4- Personalization
Don’t forget about personalization while generating an email marketing strategy.

Why do we need it in email marketing? People prefer reading customized messages referring to their pain points and those containing appropriate solutions to their problems.

Knowingly, this element is crucial in promoting the optimum results. For personalization, implement it the way it should be. Be straightforward and ask the audience to provide you the feedback about their experience as they visit your website and group them by creating customer personas for future use.

Figure out the convenient time they want to get emails and go for behavior-triggered emails to observe the reactions of the customers. A worthy example of Facebook emails which give you the glimpse of not logging activity.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your target audience feels more connected to you and your brand story.

5- Segmentation
Summing up the benefits of personalization, segmentation is a surefire way to organize your strangled email marketing tasks.

Segment your email list based on the mutual characteristics of individuals.

Organizing your marketing funnel through this medium will be helpful to reach the audience with a suitable message at the right time. A great source of gaining more conversions, this factor will subtle the dispersed and enormous data of the people – your business prospects.

Segmenting options could include location, company size, website activities and other demographic characteristics.

Pro Tip:

Sending highly targeted emails to specific groups aside, you must deliver your business prospects truly relevant messages to get better results for everyone involved.

6- Cater to Newsletter Subscribers
Adhere the newsletter email at some intervals serves as a power packed source of educational and promotional information about your products and services.

Have you heard about automated drip emails?

Emails hit the subscriber’s inbox observing their interactions with the website – leading them to be a customer. These emails nudge the audience leaving their doubts behind, providing them the needed information and influencing them to head to the cart will not be futile.

Pro Tip:

Keep sending updates and promotional material to the subscribers at regular intervals and keep on persuading them to accomplish their loyalty.

7- Content Development
While writing a catchy email, content writing comes at the top. To make the content noteworthy, keep the information simple but enticing.

Prepare a timeline of events, incorporate CTA, keep the subject line precise, minimized use of images, font size between 13 -14 pixels and scrutinize it on different devices.

Pro Tip:

Your email template must be responsive to fit in all devices and browsers.

Final Thoughts:
Building up an email marketing strategy where you know what tools you use, buyer persona, the tactics that will definitely increase the conversion with personalized and segmented maneuvers will directly lead you to your goal. And icing on the cake would be your content and email schedule that will be enough in maintaining the long-lasting association with customers. Simply put, if you don’t have enough finances to spend on paid advertising like PPC marketing, then email marketing got your back.