Lead generation process lies at the heart of inbound marketing. A lot of preliminary working shapes up this process like social media, blog or an email. Content marketing has been found as a great strategy to persuade your website visitors to become potential leads. This process requires a proper system to gain more conversions.

Let’s say how would you get to know about the people landing on your website, their personal information, what is in their interest and what do they do after filling up a lead conversion form? A shift in the customer journey also requires alterations in marketing campaigns.

Having a well-structured lead generation process could also be faulty and troublesome oftentimes but automation of this process could be time-saving and high-yielding.

Just take down the worthy tips that provide the reason why and how to automate your lead generation process.

Why do you need an automated lead generation process?
So far, one of the most challenging fragments of the sales funnel is lead generation as per the report of 37% marketers.

Lead generation is directly proportional to sales.

1- Source of Leads
In lead management, there are multiple sources of leads, including digital media, blogging, and website, etc. With an automated system, it becomes a lot easier to track and organize the leads e.g., CRM. The manual tasks of moving files here and there would be done within no time.

2- Data Entry
If I am not wrong, most of you got the opportunity to fill-up the lead generation form on the website. If so, then have you ever thought about the data? The information in the form requires plenty of time for copying and pasting but with an automated process, the file containing the user’s information could be saved directly.

Same procedure goes for the data from survey forms and Google Sheets. Instead of manually exporting the responses with reformatting again and again, automation could alter the results leaving these tasks in the past. Likewise, consider automating your ppc marketing campaigns and Google will take care of everything from audience segmentation to budget optimization and user data.

3- Transaction Data
What if the correspondent of your company gets a query about the orders placed online and no information is found in the system? Generating and organizing sales reports of the transaction data would be easier if the lead generation process is automated. In continuation, now-a-days we have seen business card scanner apps which have shut off the manual entry to add the information into the software.

Next comes, automated email responses which is another great way to reply back all the leads. With this and much more, no one could deny the “why” of automated lead generation processes.

Well, it is highly advisable to send out custom replies to your potential business prospects – people like personalized responses and yes, that could be automated as well.

How to Automate Your Lead Generation Process?
Necessitates the inquiry of why an automated lead generation process puts forth another question of how this process could be automated.

1- Start with lead magnets
A lead magnet is a type of incentive that a visitor gets in lieu of sharing personal information like eBooks, free consultation service or something which resolves their queries. This solution will overwhelm their intent of becoming a customer.

Give your prospects what exactly they are looking for; know their pain points and address them appropriately and timely through customized solutions.

2- Automate the personalization
Personalized information makes the customers feel more valued and cared. This interactive activity in the form of email, social media message or a phone call will let you gain more leads automatically. When visitors receive the emails and messages with their name and other personal information, they feel as if you truly want to get connected to them.

Trimming and personalizing the content every time for every user is hectic and hence, requires automation technology to deliver the right content and individualized messaging to each customer segment/individual. Moreover, AI-empowered predictive personalization helps optimize every single conversion without manual input.

3- Data Mining
It only takes seconds to grab the attention of a prospect to take the desired action. To generate a crispy content that really sounds considerate requires high-level of data mining. From peeking into what the industry has till maintaining a customer database, data mining is mandatory.

So, parceling the right information is vital and the usage of the automated tools simplifies the process in a manifold way.

Wrap Up:
Automated lead generation process permits you to convert your visitors into leads effortlessly – with minimum-to-no manual input. In the sales funnel, where the marketing puts a lot in this process, the use of tools to streamline the path of information will generate more desired outcomes.