Mobile apps in this ever-evolving era are expected to work like magic with phenomenal user experience. What if the reality is contrary to what was expected? The predicament lies not in the resources, but in the application of them.

Below we have sourced a bunch of facts that become the rationale of mobile app project failure. 

  1.     A clear rationale

Formulating a catchy mobile app idea for the business is a normal custom but without demand, this purpose has terrible pitfalls. It is a prolonged and pricey venture which must be carefully executed.

Without any users, the project will imply a monetary load on the business.

The objective of the project must vividly articulate its users who have a need or interest in it.

  1.     Mobile app is not a desktop app

Mobile app developers surely have the practice of creating the desktop app. Both apps are different in terms of features and User experience.

Why the mobile app project flop is the consideration of a miniature version of a desktop app.

The adopted notion of mobile app development should enclose smartphone functionality accurately.

  1.     Unfitting budget allocation

As mentioned earlier, this heavy-priced process needs to resonate with updated technology; e.g., artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), etc. 

If the budget allocation doesn’t suffice to meet the contemporary requirements, then the obvious is you know already.

Moving towards the alternative options wouldn’t help in accomplishing the optimum grades. To be of a worthy choice and fulfill what is required, appropriate budget allocation serves as an essential ingredient.

  1.     Not calling on UI/UX

If you don’t develop a layout of catchy features and striking content, then the user might stop using your application in the shortest span after installation. 

A user interface (UI) which is unable to make a nice impression is not a forgiving error. 

Not providing a comfortable and convenient user experience (UX) regarding functionality and responsiveness and other aspects will also disappoint them.

Pro Tip: Don’t clutter too many features in the app, it would confuse them.  

  1.     Faulty marketing plan for the launch

When you release your app don’t consider every person a part of your target audience.

Don’t forget to empower your app launch with strategic marketing.

In order to penetrate the market, the marketing campaign before the launch is quite a matter to deal with. 

  1.     Did you test the mobile app?

Quality assurance testing is one of the other parameters between failure and success. Developers must test the app for its accurate functioning.

If the app is not tested properly, it will fail eventually. 

Users are always in the demand of having an app with a consistent and flawless experience. It should be a priority of every mobile app development company to test more and more and it could reverse the premature death of an app. 

  1.     Unrealistic expectations

When you do mobile app development outsourcing, your project should clearly delineate the specifications you need in the app. Ambiguous budget considerations could trouble you reaching the milestones as defined in your product requirements document (PRD). 

The biggest blunder is to not clearly define what you expect from the developers.

Not coming up with a perspective where designers could easily screen your mindset put troubles in the process from the beginning will ultimately give birth to more unwanted circumstances.

  1.     Not using cross-platform tools

With a saturated market and heavy competition, another potential mistake is not to use cross-platform tools for mobile app development.

Not hitting platforms for both Android and iOS devices will reduce the number of users.

The trend of a single platform for app development is all about using tools like PhoneGap to provide the services on multiple devices.

  1.     Overlooking upgrade & maintenance factor

In any software solution, be it for mobile or web, remain a room for improvement. Businesses with financial constraints build their app on essential features; leaving the high-end modules for later. But, if they keep overlooking this upgrade and don’t value the importance of continuous maintenance, the project may turn into a dead loss. 

Acting out where the user’s feedback is not regarded gradually makes the project a failure.

Users reconsider the app to a large extent when it’s improved continuously. Therefore, don’t forget to cater to the needs and expectations of end-users, and their behavior in making your offering highly-valued. Customer’s reviews will facilitate you greatly to buckle-up such issues.

Conclusive Remarks:
Not much extensive research is required to figure out why mobile application development projects fail. Here, we bring you the most obvious yet often overlooked reasons that could primarily collapse such projects. Target audience, budget, competition, marketing plan, app size, and every other single aspect of the project is meaningful. If you don’t want your project to fail, then opt the services of Arhamsoft (Pvt) Ltd., which is leading in app development with hundreds of solutions delivered to both domestic and global clients.