Remote working has progressed over the last few years. In the current pandemic, digital workplace solution surfaces as the future of work. Without any objection, it is a source of positive outcomes, but side by side throws challenges that need to be fixed timely and appropriately. Productivity remains one of the big questions during remote working. One has to work whole-heartedly no matter the nature of the working style. 

To contribute to the organizational success, remote working should be flawless and all potential hurdles should be addressed properly – turning them into possible benefits. 

Here, we would take a tour of some potential hurdles that emerge when one finds himself in the remote working zone and some tips to cope with those challenges.  

  1.     Communication Gap

Communication is very crucial in order to be on the same page with your team members. Truly, when one-to-one meetings are out of the box, then disruptions in communication often lead to misperceptions in accomplishing the tasks.

Hence, it is important to get rid of this obstacle. And, for this, you better use communication tools like Skype, Zoom, and GoToMeeting, etc. Decrease the possibilities of errors in workflows through better interactions. Your communication with the team should be on a single click. Don’t give ambiguity any room to be a hurdle in the operations. 

  1.     Minimal Supervisory Involvement

Leader – an organizational member, deals with bundles of tasks every single day. In his capacity, he is the one who has to provide directions, guidelines, and monitor the subordinates every now and then. Remote working style doesn’t fully accomplish this role.

This impediment leads to many issues where the employee doesn’t concentrate on the tasks fully. What could be done? You have to keep in loop your supervisor and ask him about your progress and the tasks which need attention. Their feedback at least once a week and the insights to confront the challenges will make your work much better.

  1.   Uncalled-for Interruptions

Where we all know the distractions in remote working which could customarily appear out of nowhere need considerations. What if, the time you have dedicated for your work gets bound by some interferences that hinder you to concentrate on the tasks. You will be unable to work at your best unless and until you say no to interruptions by family members.

You have to make your family members understand that you need the time to fulfill your job requirements. Then you have to manage time in such a way that it creates a harmony between personal and professional life.

Pro Tip: You are the one who has to maintain a work-life balance by avoiding the disruptions at the very best. 

  1.     The Dilemma of Being Alone 

Your home is a place of comfort and relaxation. You could work in a better way when you are at home. Your stress-free state of mind will make you a lot more productive. But, in the middle of it, lies space called loneliness. During remote working, your interactions with team members become less and somehow your isolation might also demotivate you.

So, these challenges shouldn’t diminish your aim and goals. Your activities should have meetings with friends, lunch, and dinner with family and frequent communications with co-workers to keep yourself on track. Your happy hours will motivate you to achieve more, your pleasant indoor and outdoor activities will give a boost to your goal-oriented mindset.

  1.     Working in Different Time Zone

Offshore outsourcing puts forth this predicament. Is it a nightmare? Not really, this could also be deployed. You’re working from a different geographical region and somewhat get unable to interact with team members due to differences in working timings.

You might not have the exact timings of working, but the task schedule and most importantly the output needs to be a priority. You could carve a way to communicate for the issues. But as long as the directions from the manager are clear, the time-zone will not give you goosebumps at all.

Remote working style is not flexible but puts more tasks to deal with. When it comes to global outsourcing, this challenge scales-up. Your struggles get harvested when you make the most of everything possible to cope with the challenges you may face while working remotely. Your transparent communication with organizational members, necessary remote-work guidelines predefined by your senior management, and a well-rounded work schedule with inspiring happenings will make you cope up all the challenges.