Instagram like other social media channels is not behind in lead generation. If we bring the statistics into the limelight, we see that there are over 25 million business profiles using Instagram worldwide. 

Nearly, 72% of users reported that they tend to purchase the products through the Instagram profile. Coming towards, the lead generation which is a tricky process and also varies from one medium to another cohort diverse strategies and layouts to obtain leads.

Generating leads through Instagram consists of several tactics. What if, you have to create Instagram leads by not using ads. What could be the possible options?

So, without making things perplexed, we should clear the point of view of your landing on this page. Let’s get started with it.

  • Traffic Driving Buttons

Instagram action buttons serve as a great option to maximize leads. These buttons include directions, email, text, book, buy tickets, reserve, and even start ordering. You could add these buttons in your business profile just by tapping the option “Edit profile” and then scroll down and a list of options would wait for your decision. 

Another way is to add a reminder in your bio is by email or provide an option of coupon when they book an order. These tactics will enable you to get leads by leaps and bounds. 

Besides creating convincing content, it’s your mindfully added CTAs to your profile that helps drive the audience to take prompt action. It will help you capture more leads without implementing a PPC marketing plan and setting up sponsored ads.  

  • Instagram TV (Live/ Broadcasting)

Does it sound confusing? No, it shouldn’t. If you are not using Instagram live then without any doubt you are a step back from your competitors. This platform gives you an opportunity to broadcast with your audience in real-time. It will appear like an Instagram story and your followers will see a push notification for this.

Do you know what purpose IGTV can play in bringing you leads? It helps to level up your lead generation game by communicating live with your target audience and see where their interest lies and provide them with what they are looking for. Other than making your interaction with the followers easier, this amazing feature helps turn your prospects into customers as they can instantly make a purchase decision through visual content and conversation you share with them.

  • Instagram Contest

If you want to win more potential customers, create a segment of the audience that you have to pursue. Your content should revolve around their buying behavior. Cautiously, identify a theme that harmonizes best with your business offerings. Set the rules of the contest with the prize. Find a unique hashtag so that the user-generated content drives the optimum outcomes.

In the contest, you could ask the followers to post a picture or video on their profile using the hashtag with the relevant theme. Within a particular time frame, your audience could get multiplied due to wider recognition. More the audience more will be the chances of an increased number of followers – turning your Instagram business account into a lead generating machine. 

  • CTAs in Insta Stories

A potential way to create leads to place links in Instagram stories. This IG story lets you share photos and videos in a slideshow arrangement. The duration of the story is 24 hours and later it vanishes. Never forget to highlight your Instagram story. It will keep on calling the attention during the given time. 

Call to action buttons in the form of swipe up, shop now, and click the link in the description with the aim is to engage the customers and engender leads through it. Hence, the strategy would encompass the initial buyer persona so that you could tailor your information accordingly. Their demographic data, choices, and interests of the users will help you integrate appropriate CTAs in your stories.

Use Instagram stories, stickers, GIFs, emojis, or music to serve a delightful message. Hashtag stickers and location would work as a bonus to grab the wider audience. What next? Your landing page content must have an attractive headline, comforting images, an online form, and last but not least a catchy CTA. 

  • Partner with Influencer Account

Here comes another strategy for a lead generation without spending a penny on your Instagram business account. You might have heard about Instagram influencers who are experts and leaders of the field. The inclusion of the right influencers catches more leads and customers. 

Look for the suitable influencer for your brand keeping in view his number of followers and how well he comprehends your brand value; now, his followers could be yours too.  

  • Connect Landing Page with Instagram Account

Another fruitful option is to place the links of web landing pages in your biography. This tactic will also be a reason for your followers to explore your offerings and gain direct access to the point where they could make their decision to purchase the product. 

While putting your endeavors in a fruitful direction, provide your website link that couples up the chances of conversion.

Summing up:
Your business profile on Instagram is your brand’s visual representation and what offers you have for your target audience. This platform through various options of Insta action buttons, IGTV live, stories and contests work pretty well to capture the leads without ads.