Ecommerce sector is undeniably pretty competitive and considering the facts, there should be no room for obstacles in web development. Though mistakes are a part of life, such mistakes would cost you heavily if not avoided or timely fixed. It will become a reason for losing conversions and sales growth. Your target customers will not find you trustworthy and credible to be a recipient of your offerings.

While emphasizing on what value you deliver to the customers and neglecting the medium through which you present the products and services should not be done in any way. To grab a niche in the market, you have to focus on the base step, i.e., eCommerce web development

So, let’s take a view to see a bunch of common snags in eCommerce development and the way to get rid of them.

  • Non-Responsive Website

A website which fails to adjust the formatting on devices other than desktop browsers is nonresponsive. Pixelated images, incomprehensible text, and inexplicable features contribute in losing the customers, thereby affecting the business growth. 

It must be a prerequisite to have a website which portrays no issue of responsiveness.

For this, a possible solution is to use a fluid grid to proportionate the image sizes for different screens. Taking one step ahead, WordPress is there to provide you a pre-set layout. Beyond that, outsourcing this project is never off way and a company like Arhamsoft (Pvt) Ltd. will be your all-in-one solution to combat this predicament.

  • Hard-to-Find Products

If you haven’t designed a product page on your website or have made it with unclear or perplexing information, then this blunder can knock you out of the competition. Seriously, when users are unable to find your products and services and what benefits they hold, then they take a step back to make the final decision of purchasing.

eCommerce sites with easy-to-find products are more likely to generate huge profits. 

Designing a product page, a few elements to be not left behind in this process is product name, price, buy button, an adequate sized image, a little bit product description highlighting features, items quantity, warranty and guarantee information etc. Don’t forget to mention these points in bullets instead of lengthy paragraphs.   

  • Slow Website Speed

A website that consumes enough time to load makes for an unfriendly user experience. On the basis of it, a negative perception is generated in the visitor’s mind and they don’t return back to the website. If there is site abandonment, then no customers and revenue. It is clear that if your website loading time is not fast, then it will not have a high ranking in Google.

Install Lazy Load plugin for WordPress website and it will significantly speed up your site.

Moreover, to avoid this pitfall, you can use Page Speed Insights from Google to examine the site loading time. It is recommended that loading time shouldn’t exceed more than 10 seconds. Then Webpage test is a free tool to screen the underlying problem at different devices and locations.  

  • Overlooking SEO

Neglecting SEO is one the unforgiving mistakes you make in web development. Is it possible to build a house and not focus on its foundation? The same case is with web development, you will drop time, money, traffic, and ranking if SEO is not a part of this project.

 Therefore, in website architecture, SEO will look for the best structure. With the help of SEO, automatic image optimization is done for better downloading speed and heading tags could be allocated properly to avoid rework.      

  • Complex Checkout Process

If you don’t focus on the checkout process on the website then users will be unable to complete transactions and hence you will drop out. Certainly, this is the situation not required by anyone. So, working on the root cause will be leading to more conversions.

Make the check out button placement prominent on the page. Moreover, there should be no condition of extra steps in filling up the form which makes them abandon the shopping cart. Over and above this checkout process must be secure, try to use a security badge like Norton and McAfee, etc., so that the users feel protected to pay.  

Wrap Up:
Whether it is in-house or offshore web development services, your adherence of the tips and avoidance of snags mentioned above will make your project viable for business success.