The young kids often find the subject of numbers boring and annoying. It’s an open fact that not all the students are fond of mathematics and try hard to escape the mind-numbing calculations.

Many students face difficulty in maths learning. The majority of the Pakistani students are struggling with mathematics. They fall behind in this subject primarily because of lack of proper practice.

The anxious parents often ask how to build and nurture kids’ interest in maths and keep the fear of failure at bay?

Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to that.

Well, fortunately, there is a solution to cater to their concerns.

MATHLETE – Let’s Play Math (A Project of ArhamSoft)

Yes, this math quiz app got your back if you wish to learn maths fast and do accurate numerical operations – from simple multiplication, division, squaring etc., to basic algebra.

Mathematics can work like magic when you start practicing it online using the Mathlete app.

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Mathlete is a great way to check your math solving skills and increase knowledge, identify the gaps and improve accordingly.

So, don’t consider Math as a boring subject anymore when you’ve a fun way of learning it with amazing prizes.

Learn the Art of Rapid Calculations!

Mathlete is aimed at improving your arithmetic skills and critical thinking. This math quiz is designed with a diversified range of tricky multiple-choice questions to practice and test your knowledge.

This simple math quiz game is all about selecting the correct options. 

Complete a set of questions online that help you comprehend how much you know about the subject and the time you take to complete the quiz taken.  

Practice math problems to achieve perfection in math scores. It will scale up your question solving speed. Time matters and this is where you can get an advantage over other students as you participate in the contest to win mega prizes.

Mathlete as a math-learning platform is not only about helping students to practice math questions according to grades they are studying in. However, it brings quiz competitions for the students who want to prove their arithmetical skills and win cash prizes.

Moving a step forward,

ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd took the initiative to keep the students motivated 

And, what else can work the best then bringing them in the competition ring.

McDonald’s MathMania Contest has been launched in collaboration with one of the leading food-chains in Pakistan  –  McDonald’s and awaits you to be its most proactive participant.

If you are a student of Grade 3 onward to Matriculation or O/A Levels, this math quiz competition is for you. 

As a Contestant you Need to Collect Points to Redeem Your Favorite McDonald’s Deals.

Yes, you read it right – you will be rewarded with incredible prizes including yummy meals from McDonald’s by participating in this math quiz competition. 

Earn wonderful rewards in the form of your favorite meals and exclusive deals from the world’s most popular fast food chain – McDonald’s.

Isn’t it exciting?

Certainly, it’s a great way to learn and practice a difficult subject like maths and enjoy delicious meals in return.

Prepare Yourself to Contest & Win Meals and Cash Prizes

Wrap Up:
Do you think you are a math genius? If the answer is YES, then McDonald’s MathMania Contest is the right platform for you to showcase your mathematical skills and win yummy meals and cash prizes. 

All you need is to get registered on Mathlete App, practice quizzes and participate in the competition.

Get your thoughts changed for Mathematics in a fun way and win delightful prizes.

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